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Bling bling

My brother and I never really talk about personal matter or life,That kind of discussion is too uncomfortable and would probably lead to an extremely awkward situation. Even if we do have something to say to each other,  mum will be the middleman, well, middlewoman obviously.
After that break-up my brother and I went to eat at a restaurant,. He opened up and told me that he too just broke up. I was shocked, because she was probably the first girl that my mum liked. Judging from her behaviors and characters, I think I know why mum really likes a girl of that kind. 'There's no point in telling me how much mama likes her when her parents dont' He once overheard the conversation between that girl and her mother. She told her sternly that a guy like my brother has no future and  with the fact that he comes from a family that is not so well-off, he is therefore not capable of taking a good care of her daughter. Right after that they broke up. I mean who on earth will continue being in a rela…


Today I presented the work that was assigned to us by our Prof.
It's about statistics and the lecture is held in german.
I chose to take this subject because I thought it would be really helpful later.
I mean, we, engineers always perform experiments that involve an enormous amount of data.
So having knowledge on how to analyze those data is a very substantial aspect of being an engineer.

I was actually a tad nervous because it has been years already since I last did my presentation in german.
The first slide was explained pretty good, I guess.
I continued explaining the second slide,
Done with that slide, I proceeded to the third slide.
As I was about to begin with that slide, I suddenly remembered,
I forgot to point something out.
I was supposed to mention what does c in the equation that I put on the second slide mean?
But it was too late.
I just resumed presenting.
It was a bit embarrassing to do such a mistake.

At the end of my presentation, as I had finished asking for the …


I was too busy revising today's lecture of Biochemistry,
It's probably the third situation that Einstein's relativity theory can be applied to. Time appears to move slower every time I am in this lecture.
I felt hungry and headed to the kitchen, planning to cook something.
I put that not so good-looking omelette on the plate and sit at one of two tables available there.
As I was about to start eating, my senior came in.
It turned out that he too was hungry.... at 10 pm.
So I decided to wait until he finished preparing his food.

He sat opposite me.
I noticed something strange after I had my first, long-awaited bite.
He was eating oats. The fact is he really hates oats.
So I asked him and wanted to know why he did that.
At first, he was reluctant to tell me why,
but then he said he had discovered that eating rice is not good for our health.
It appears that rice, which contains lots of carbohydrates fastens the growth and spread of cancer cells.

I stopped eating.
Suddenly I …


I rarely sell things online,
be it on eBay, amazon or any site of that sort.
Since I have to move out from this 'house' in March 2016,
I decided to sell several resaleable things that I no longer need.
Things like TV, inline Skates, books, writing desk, and dumbbells.
I never thought that I have dumbbells in my room.
Had I realized and used them, I could have burnt tons of fats.
or......probably not.
Since I eat a lot too.

Since my knowledge on resale value of those things is limited,
I decided to sell that 32-inch Samsung tv for 20€.
Right after 5 minutes putting that online,
I received 10 calls and 12 emails, asking me about that Tv.
My phone kept ringing and I kept receiving the email notification from Yahoo for about 10 minutes!
That was really insane and annoying at the same time.
I told myself, that  apparently selling things online is not that hard.

So I texted my senior, just to brag about how fast people want to buy my stuff.
He laughed,
Dazed by his reaction,
I assu…


Thank you everyone for your wish and kind words!

Kakak's Birthday

We were not really close when we were young.
We quarrelled a lot,
and to some extent we hit each other.
As we grow older, we realise the importance of having each other.
Mum has been telling that since we were kids.
But we took almost everything for granted during that phase,
and we ignored everything.
Had we listened to mum's words at that time,
we could have improved our sibling relationship.

We however have a lot in common,
the fact that we cannot keep secret still holds true no matter how old we are.
If today i tell her about something,
Mum will know about that 5 minutes after i told her.
That's how fast things travel within our family.
My secret is never safe,
so is hers.

Kakak however kept my break-up a secret.
To which i am really thankful.
It could have been much worse if mum had known that a bit earlier.
She helped me a lot after that,
Cheered me up and did a lot of things so that i could finally be happy as i used to be.
But i could not help much, when she was at he…


Isn't Hinata lovely?
I've lost count on how many times i've watched the movie, this scene in particular.
It's soooooooo beautiful.

I suddenly miss my family :(

About Time

I think i haven't written my thoughts on this movie. I rarely recommend movies, but when i do, they are all good movies. One of them is About Time. It is really worth watching. It was beautifully done. I was glad that i decided to watch this movie, though the very next day i still had to sit for an exam. It is about a man who has the ability to travel back in time.
I used to ask myself what would happen if i could travel back in time? Sometimes i wish i had that ability, so that i could fix the mess i have made. so that i could avoid doing tons of mistakes. and i think i am not the only person who wishes for that 'power'. Everyone else does too. and we all know that is definitely impossible, unfortunately. we all know that will never happen, Not until pigs fly.
Normally time-travel movies are really bad and crappy. They are way too unrealistic. A movie of sorts usually doesn't have any moral value. Nor is it inspiring or educating. But About Time is probably the only …


A friend of mine who is from Bangladesh just arrived in his home town a few days ago. He has been posting quite a lot on facebook since. Apparently he is really overjoyed, being able to spend time with his family. I hope he has a blast and enjoys every single moment there.

Back in early 2014 we used to meet ocassionally and had some conversations. We talked about this and that. He once told me that he really missed his family but he could not afford to buy a flight ticket since he did not receive any financial support from his government. Therefore he had to work and study at the same time. A return flight ticket was really expensive for someone who only earned around 400euro per month.

I was still receiving a monthly allowance from Mara at that time. So i could not really fathom how hard his predicament or his situation was. I just nodded my head a couple of times, pointing out that i could understand that kind of feeling when you miss your home. I told him to be strong and said tha…


Semester ketiga bakal bermula sekejap shj lagi.
Agak berdebar kali ni, sebab aku mestikan habiskan semester baru ni.
supaya semester depan aku dah boleh mula master thesis.
Aku ingin pulang!
secepat mungkin.

Mohon maaf salah-silap,
dan mohon juga doa daripada kalian.

Terima kasih!


Last night something unexpected happened. I never thought that i had to encounter such a creepy moment. My heart beat crazily and i was in a cold sweat. It was really terrifying.
I was followed by this one guy as i was on my way to train station. I was not suspicious of that guy at first as his appearance seemed pretty normal and nothing was peculiar.
The alley that leads to train station is always dark, you can scarcely see things in front of you. You can hardly recognize someone who is like 50m from you. Plus a small village like Steinfurt starts to get quiet relatively early. 
I started being suspicious when i realized his walking pace got faster after a few minutes walking behind me.So I speeded up and it turned out he walked even faster! 
I was too preoccupied at that moment that i really could not think of anything. My brain just did not work well in this kind of situation. If you give me a math problem to solve, i am absolutely sure i can think of thousand solving methods after so…

Of kakak's kueh raya

Fareed just got here today, my junior who also lives in Kelate.
Mama sent me a lot of stuff like maggi,maggi and maggi. hehe
Kakak who was just into baking, sent me a jar full of kueh raya.
One of them is my favorite Sarang semut.

To my surprise Kakak's kueh raya tastes really good!
I still remember how suck was her cooking/baking skill before she got married.
Her nasi goreng was terrible, but we still finished it.
Not because we were extremely hungry. It was solely because she would scold and get mad at us.
Mama used to give more compliments to me when it comes to cooking.
I think her skills have improved significantly.
I rarely say this, but she's really a good cook now. 

The magic of a marriage i guess(?)


Today i realised one thing,Something new about me that i did not know before.
I like................ curry, a lot. I have tried avoiding curry for one week, But i failed. I felt weak and empty. That kind of feeling you have when you suddenly lost someone you once loved. The hunger was still there, No matter how much rice i ate. Felt like i was about to go crazy, living in my own world, Like a soulless body. A quasi-zombie state i guess. That's all true though it sounds illogical.

No longer after i decided to eat curry today where everything started to get normal, again. Thank god.
That's my friends, the danger or risk you might face because of the attachment. As clīche as it may sound, do not get too attached to food. That kind of attachment is bad, too.


Sebenarnya aku baru berjinak dalam penggunaan Flickr.
Flickr ini satu medium di mana orang ramai boleh memuat naik gambar-gambar mereka.
Memandangkan aku sudah pun lama membuang akaun Instagram,
tapi keinginan untuk berkongsi gambar dengan rakan masih lagi ada,
jadi aku pun gunalah Flickr.

Ini akaun Flickr-ku.
Jemput tengok!

Klik sini


Recently many people posted on facebook, expressing their dissatisfaction with the beach's cleanliness.
To be honest this problem is neither new nor uncommon to those people who have been residing there for years. I think those who has visited Bachok once will agree with me on this matter. Ironically Bachok is also known as Bandar Pelancongan Islam. Many of my friends are really proud of it as this makes Bachok totally different than other beach places in Malaysia. A place where you have fun yet still within our religion's teaching, i guess. That is the best i can describe with words. I still cannot fathom the reason why they decided to use the word Islam in it. Perhaps to make Bachok a bit unique, i do not know. If that is the case, it is a total failure. The place is terribly dirty, not well-kept and full of garbages. Instead of showing how good is Islam's teaching on cleanliness, the current situation will just muddy the Islam's image and make it even worse.
Here comes the wors…

Plan B

I have been working like a pig to earn some money for months,So that i can survive another semester which is going to start in october. Alas things do not go smoothly as i planned. I have to come up with another plan since my plan A will not work. I finally have to borrow money from my mother, which i really really want to avoid that from happening. Since my family in malaysia needs that more than i do, I agreed to accept the offer from my mother after giving so much thoughts on that. Life is indeed hard............. only when you do not have resource(money) and power. Even making another plan is close to impossible when you are in this state. But again, it is already too late to give up my master study.
**** Our government once aimed to increase the number of students with master's degree or PhD holders which is a good thing for the country's development. Ironically it takes ages to get a financial support from them. That is however not uncommon considering we are now talking about a cou…


Today marks the third year i do not celebrate Eid with my family.This year is a bit different.  I really wanted to go back home this summer break, As kakak is also there for the first time after she started working. Even if i could make it next year, kakak won't. But there is nothing i could do. 
*** Had this mara officer read and went through my scholarship application, i would celebrate raya with my family this year. Sometimes i can't help but to feel angry. Had she done her work efficiently, i would not have to suffer. I can accept to have a hard life if it comes or is caused by my own mistakes or actions, as i am responsible for my own actions and i will without doubt clean my own mess up. To be in this state because of someone else mistake is wholly unacceptable! 
If it happens later that your work deals with someone else future too, please work properly and avoid causing unnecessary problems for others. You might be destroying the future of someone who could discover the cure for can…


I met someone that suddenly reminds me of you.She keeps complaining when the day gets hotter. She easily feels down when she deals with something tough. It seems to me that she's moody all the time. In fact 90% of the time she is dead serious. With that being said she does crack a joke every now and then where i burst out laughing. I have seen that different side of her. I simply adore that.  That unpredictability is what i find immensely appealing. That too, is how one defines beauty i guess. It's not only about having a good face or a good body figure.


Honestly i am not really a fan of bazar ramadhan.It's too crowded and sometimes noisy. It's also relatively difficult to park your car. As far as i can remember i only went to bazar ramadhan thrice back then in 2012. When i was a kid i did enjoy going to bazar. I still don't know why, Probably because of food!  Having to fast here does not make me miss bazar at all. When it comes to ramadhan, the only thing i really miss is iftar with my family. That is all. The food comes second. Bazar would probably be at last. Talking about bazar and food, Ayam percik was the only reason why i went to bazar last three years. I lied. There was another reason: Laici kang  The word somehow looks weird. Is that how you spell it? 
I think it's still not too late to wish you a happy ramadhan! 

Meine Mutti

Mama sent us one picture today via Whatsapp.
She rarely shares this kind of picture with us. So the only reason that i can think of is she is probably on cloud nine now. Mama has been teaching for ages. Teaching is really a noble profession i cant deny that, That is indeed true. The problem is when the head teacher keeps asking her to teach standard six. So she ends up having a super busy work life every single year. She too, has her own children that she needs to look after. Mama cannot spend so much time with her own kids. As a result of that one of my brothers still cannot read very well until now. His reading skill is relatively poor. In short Mama 'left' her own children just to 'look after' others' kids. It is good to hear/know that her noble needs are finally recognised and appreciated. It's not the award or prize money that matters, It's the thought and the appreciation of her years of hard work that count. I am completely certain that she doesnt work for money or f…

Of placidity and solitude

Steinfurt 11.06.2015


Since i'm no longer sponsored by MARA,
I decided to do part-time job.
I actually found one and am currently working in Münster.
I work a 8-hour shift from 12am to 8am and two days per week.
I'm not going to tell you more about my part-time job,
as it's not fun at all,let alone interesting.
In fact it's tiring as hell!
But hey, at least i earn some money keke

There is one amazing person whom i met there,
She's been doing this work for 10 years.
As mentioned, i only have to work twice a week.
So that means, she works 5 days a week!
But that's not all.
Even before i started working there,
She had to work 7 days a week.
I was surprised and still am when she told me.

Doing this kind of job for two days is already exhausting,
I cannot imagine how tired i would be,if i were to work for one week straight.
So I told this story to my senior,

'I cannot imagine working there for one week,
I am absolutely sure that i cannot do it.
This is the power of a mother, i guess…


I had a long conversation with my senior yesterday.
It has been a while since we last talked to each other that long.
Having that kind of talk with someone who has lots of knowledge always excites me.

One of the many questions that i asked him was:
How do i know whether or not i am ready to get married?
Many of my friends who are now happily living with their partner cannot give any answers that can satisfy me.
All of them are somehow similar to me.

'Taknak buat maksiat'
'Sunnah kahwin'
'Nak hubungan yang halal'

I'm not saying those are not true.
It's completely normal if you want to be extra careful
and avoid marrying someone because of the wrong reason.
marrying the wrong person is bad too.
If that happens, i may screw up my own life and someone else life's too.
You might not feel guilty for ruining his/her life if you are a selfish bastard,
In addition to that marriage is a sacred thing,
something that you have to protect, preserve at al…


Some people just dont deserve to have kids.They are just too bad to become a mother/father. Have you ever thought that raising a child is not a simple task? Do you really think everyone can succeed  in bringing up children?  Even if you are the cleverest or richest person in the world, That would not necessarily make you a good mother/father.
By looking at the way how you treat your kid, I feel sorry for you,kid. I just hope your parents soon will realize the fact that i mentioned above. If you know from the early beginning that you cannot do it, then why bother to get pregnant?  What a pain in th ....


Those who know me personally,can probably tell that i'm not a fan of this MLM. And in fact i really really really hate this system. If i were in a situation where i have to choose between bungee jumping and joining MLM, I would choose bungee jumping without having to think twice. No matter how bad and scary bungee jumping seems to me, MLM is like 100 times worse than that.
There's a reason why i hate MLM. When i was a kid, being both mother and father, Mum had to work real hard in order to make sure her kids could get enough food. Night class,teaching her friends' kids during weekend, You just name it,she has done all of them. Though it didn't always work out as she had planned. Mum however has this one character that i wish she can get rid of. She is a credulous and gullible person. Everyone sees her as an easy target. As far as i can remember, She was deceived more than three times by her own 'friends' as she was 'forced' to do business together with them. So instead of…


Seperti yang diketahui umum, Kebanyakkan negeri di Malaysia ada loghat masing-masing. Contohnya Kelantan,Terengganu,Kedah, Sabah dan Sarawak. Begitu juga Jerman. Jerman mempunyai 16 negeri (Bundesland). Memandangkan aku pernah tinggal agak lama di dua negeri yang berbeza, Jadi aku tahulah serba sedikit psl loghat di sini. Dulu tinggal di Bayern (Bavaria) Sekarang tinggal di Nordrhine-Westfallen (North-rhine westphalia) NRW ringkasnya. Bayern ada loghatnya sendiri. Artikel 'der' 'die' dan 'das' pun tak sama macam apa yang aku belajar dulu. Pernah sekali sembang dengan seorang makcik di Regensburg,Bayern dulu, Dia cakap punyalah panjang, Tapi hanya satu perkataan shj yang aku boleh tangkap. Yang lain semua ke laut china selatan. Noob gila rasanya masa tu. Punyalah bersungguh belajar bhs jerman masa di GMi dulu. Bila pindah ke Münster,rasa lega gila. Sebab sini kebanyakkannya guna standard german. Memang mudah nak faham.(Thank God!)
Contoh yang paling ketara, Di Bayern, kita 'greet…

Kreislehrgarten, Steinfurt 2015



So i decided to write something before i off to bed.Something which is probably not so important, and maybe it's not even worth knowing.
Let me warn you first,that this post is about love. If you still insist,then just continue reading. And if you think love is not your cup of tea,then i'm sorry that this post is not meant for you.
Let's get straight to the point,swiftly. I've known heaps of people who are wont to easily fall in love with someone new. Obviously i don't know why, But i personally think it is highly important for you, to be able to differentiate whether you love him/her because you really do. Or you love him/her just because you are currently lonely. In other words loving someone new that fast in order to reduce loneliness. If it is the latter,then it's absolutely a wrong move as when you are finally able to get rid of your loneliness, you no longer feel the need to have that someone. I dont think it's wise,not at all. and it's highly likely that you ma…


Mama keeps asking me,
whether it's possible to come home for this coming Raya,
This is actually pretty bizarre.
as she normally can understand most of my decisions,
i don't even have to explain to her why.
But this time,
it's somewhat different.
Since i spend most of the time being in a country far away from my family,
i always think i don't contribute much to my family.

Now i am really torn,
I do want to fulfil her request,
I love celebrating Raya with my family.
Everyone does.
The thing is i am also having a financial problem right now,
if i go back home again this year,
then i can only afford to pay the rent until next month.
after that i am completely broke.

I should have saved more.
But it's too late now to regret.

What should i do?
Should i come home this time?
or shouldn't i?

Spring's eternal beauty

Listening to Joe Hisaishi's music,accompanied by the sound of the birds chirping, and the gentle spring breeze. My worries start to disappear,astonishingly. My heart is suddenly at ease, It feels as if i had no problem to face at all.
How can life be so beguiling? Is this heaven? - I ask myself


So starting today, Malaysia is one of the countries that have implemented this type of tax. If i recall it right, there are overall 160 countries excluding Malaysia.
I personally think Gst is a better tax than Sst. The problem now is more on how the Govt spends the public funds or our tax money. Plus the presence of corrupt politicians makes the current economic situation even worse.
Malaysia relies too much on oil-related industries. And you probably know,  Last year we encountered the oil price slump where the oil price hit as low as  $40++ per barrel, which is one of the factors that caused russian ruble to drop significantly, forcing multinational companies the likes of Adidas and Apple to close their stores in Russia (temporarily). As far as i know, Russia too, depends heavily on oil and gas industry. (68% of their total exports).
By implementing Gst, the Govt will have a slightly higher revenue (compared to that of Sst). where it should be spent to progress(not to regress) and enhance the coun…

Grading system

As you probably already know,
the system here is a bit different. In Malaysia 4,0 is the best one, but in Germany 4,0 is the lowest passing grade! above 4,0 is basically a fail. which obviously means you do not pass the exam.
Here is a table (It does not really look like a table), to make the system easier to be understood.

Punkte = points
n.b ( nicht bestanden) = fail

Here in Germany 1,0 is the best grade.
As you can see from the picture above,
to attain 1,0 you have to get at least 95 points.
So it is very hard to get 1,0,
but it is not impossible.

The grade distribution as shown above is however not valid for the whole country.
A friend of mine once told me that his Uni's differs a bit from mine.
For example, at my university you either get 2,0 or 2,3. you will never get 2,2.
but at his university it is not impossible to get 2,2
That's what i meant by grade distribution.

Unfortunately i am not very familiar with system in my own country.
All i know is 4,0 is the best.
Feel …

Gapp 08

It seems like it was only yesterday i got this award from GMI,

After all it is mentioned in Quran,
Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves (13:11)


People always ask me whether or not i eat instant noodles.
I do eat instant noodles, Maggi for example.
When i say i do, people simply don't believe me.

They normally reply, 'eh budak pandai makan maggi juga ke?'
Their reply leaves me perplexed.
At the same time it is quite funny as well.
I'm not even clever to begin with.

Mum was really strict when it comes to food.
We were not allowed to eat instant noodles or drink carbonated drinks at all.
Mum used to slap us for eating candies made from Thailand!
The slap was not painful at all,
But i still remember, i immediately cried after that,
It was neither because i got slapped nor it hurt,
It was because my candies were all thrown away!

When we wanted to eat Maggi or drink coke(or something similar),
we had to wait until mum was not at home,
Or when she was at home, we ate them secretly and discreetly.
And of course when you were young ,you definitely could not fathom her actions,
Kids generally tend to try everything, de…


So i heard you are going to get married soon.Though i always wanted to avoid hearing this kind of news, I happened to know about that today.
Frustrated, i was. Since i did try everything, i no longer have any regrets of letting you go. Oh wait, you were the one who let me go,  Not the other way around .
Nevertheless, I wish you all the happiness you can have.  I hope you will achieve whatever you want and never stop chasing your countless dreams. The last three years were indeed beautiful  and those moments are still fresh in my mind.
As for myself, i am definitely happy with my current life. Though i personally think it will take ages, before i can decide to be in a relationship with someone new.
Adieu -The one who used to love you unconditionally-


Always and only you


As i finished watching this one tv-series,I asked myself, How on earth i didnt know about its existence. It's called Densha Otoku It means The train man literally.
I can't help but be amazed at the storyline. The way how love develops between two main characters is just seamless and perfect. I just love Saori,being able to accept him as he is, Although to be honest with that face or beauty of hers, She will not have any prob to find a guy with a better physical appearence. But still,she chooses him.
I always think a beauty and a beast can never be together. Or rather they can, when that beast is a rich bastard. Otherwise, that kind of situation will never happen in reality. It's something that you normally just can dream of, But it's absolutely impossible to occur. Since we are now living in a world where money drives everything and everyone.
Regardless of the doubtful authenticity of the story, I still think it is one of the beautiful love stories i ever encountered. The OST itself is r…

Permatakoe yang hilang



It feels surreal to get 1,0 for Heat and Mass Transfer (HMT) subject.

I took me one year to pass the same subject with 1,3 during Bachelor.
I couldnt be happier.


Why do i keep missing you these days?
I am even delighted to 'meet' you in dreams.
Whenever my heart gets lonely,
I reminisce about those old days.
and whenever i miss them,
i wander through dreams.

I guess i liked you a lot,
A lot.


Tahun ni tahun ketiga tak balik raya di rumah,
Plan nak balik kalau dapat scholar dari MARA,
tapi apakan daya tak dapat.
terpaksalah lupakan hasrat nak balik beraya.
tahun 2013 tak balik,
tahun lepas pun tak balik raya.

''Siapakah yang sudi,menghulurkan simpati,kepada nasibku ini?''

White Steinfurt

Bangun pagi tadi Steinfurt tetiba putih. Ia sangatlah rare Memandangkan salji pun macam segan je nak turun di Steinfurt ni. Apatah lagi kalau salji lebat.
Jadi senior pun ajaklah pergi ke Schloss, Untuk ambik gambar katanya. Sekali sampai tetiba pulak rasa nak buat orang salji (Snowman?) 
Nah,tengoklah gambar. Tulis panjang-panjang pun tak guna, Kentut pun tak lega.


Masa di GMi dulu aku rapat dengan seorang ni, Rapat gila jugaklah, Makan lps maghrib tu mesti bersama, Sama ada aku mesej dia, atau dia mesej aku. Boleh katakan tiap-tiap harilah.
Bila keputusan A2 keluar, aku dapat tahu yang dia tak lepas, sedih jugak masa tu, tapi tuan punya badan lagilah sedih kan? lps tahu keputusan A2 tu, kitorang dah tak keluar makan bersama, memang awkward gila masa tu.
tapi lepas sehari dua, hubungan kami okay balik. dia ada bagitau, salah dia jugak tak study and so on. katanya mungkin takdir dia untuk belajar di Malaysia je. tapi sekarang dia bagitau dia dah nmpk hikmah di sebalik tak lepas tu.
Bila aku sampai jerman, dan mula belajar di uni jerman, aku sedar satu benda, korang yang tak lepas ni, janganlah kecewa, belajar kat sini sangatlah susah, Bukan nak discourage, mahupun nak sedapkan hati sesiapa, tapi itulah realiti yang perlu dihadapi. I once wrote how hard my first bachelor semester was for me. rasanya kalau kau tanya sesiapa yang study kat jerman n…


Pening kepala memikirkan pasal duit.
Duit simpanan hanya cukup untuk tiga bulan je lagi.

Harapan tahun baru 2015 ni,
harapnya MARA luluskanlah permohonan elaun aku,

kalau tak di'approve' juga,
terpaksalah kerja sambilan sem depan.
klu lulus,alhamdulillah.
klu tak lulus juga permohanan tu,reda jelah.

Kpop ii

Baru-baru ini bising satu malaysia,
pasal budak perempuan bertudung dipeluk artis korea.
daripada apa yang aku tengok,
budak perempuan tu boleh tahan gediknya nk 'berinteraksi' dengan artis pujaannya.

Sebab itu,
Aku ada tulis tahun lepas,
kalau aku nak cari pasangan hidup,
aku pilih seseorang yang tak minat K-pop,
be it movies,drama or songs.

Ini post tahun lepas yang bertajuk Kpop

Dan aku sebenarnya telah jumpa orang yang tak minat korea ni,
Untuk jumpa orang macam ni sekarang agak susah,
mungkin sebab tu aku sedih gila masa tu,
as she is very close to my ideal type.

Oh good memories indeed!


Richard Feynman once said that he had been convinced,
that to be a good physicist,
it is very important to have a special relationship with your father.
Plus it was his father that taught him lots of things about life, science and so on.

As i finished reading his biography,
I then know the reason,
why I don't like physics and tend to love chemistry more.
Because I don't have that special relationship with my father.

If i had the chance to be close to my father,
I would be doing physics now.
HAHA just kidding.

Richard Feynman,when he was a kid,
always asked questions to challenge orthodox thinking.
Meanwhile people in my country nowadays,
still share and believe everything they find on social media,
without even trying to verify 'facts' that they share.
It somehow saddens me.

If you dream to have a kid like Richard Feynman,
you have to start preparing now,
you must be well-prepared in all aspects!
read as much as you can,
gain as much knowledge as possible before you be…