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Bling bling

My brother and I never really talk about personal matter or life,That kind of discussion is too uncomfortable and would probably lead to an extremely awkward situation. Even if we do have something to say to each other,  mum will be the middleman, well, middlewoman obviously.
After that break-up my brother and I went to eat at a restaurant,. He opened up and told me that he too just broke up. I was shocked, because she was probably the first girl that my mum liked. Judging from her behaviors and characters, I think I know why mum really likes a girl of that kind. 'There's no point in telling me how much mama likes her when her parents dont' He once overheard the conversation between that girl and her mother. She told her sternly that a guy like my brother has no future and  with the fact that he comes from a family that is not so well-off, he is therefore not capable of taking a good care of her daughter. Right after that they broke up. I mean who on earth will continue being in a rela…


Today I presented the work that was assigned to us by our Prof.
It's about statistics and the lecture is held in german.
I chose to take this subject because I thought it would be really helpful later.
I mean, we, engineers always perform experiments that involve an enormous amount of data.
So having knowledge on how to analyze those data is a very substantial aspect of being an engineer.

I was actually a tad nervous because it has been years already since I last did my presentation in german.
The first slide was explained pretty good, I guess.
I continued explaining the second slide,
Done with that slide, I proceeded to the third slide.
As I was about to begin with that slide, I suddenly remembered,
I forgot to point something out.
I was supposed to mention what does c in the equation that I put on the second slide mean?
But it was too late.
I just resumed presenting.
It was a bit embarrassing to do such a mistake.

At the end of my presentation, as I had finished asking for the …


I was too busy revising today's lecture of Biochemistry,
It's probably the third situation that Einstein's relativity theory can be applied to. Time appears to move slower every time I am in this lecture.
I felt hungry and headed to the kitchen, planning to cook something.
I put that not so good-looking omelette on the plate and sit at one of two tables available there.
As I was about to start eating, my senior came in.
It turned out that he too was hungry.... at 10 pm.
So I decided to wait until he finished preparing his food.

He sat opposite me.
I noticed something strange after I had my first, long-awaited bite.
He was eating oats. The fact is he really hates oats.
So I asked him and wanted to know why he did that.
At first, he was reluctant to tell me why,
but then he said he had discovered that eating rice is not good for our health.
It appears that rice, which contains lots of carbohydrates fastens the growth and spread of cancer cells.

I stopped eating.
Suddenly I …


I rarely sell things online,
be it on eBay, amazon or any site of that sort.
Since I have to move out from this 'house' in March 2016,
I decided to sell several resaleable things that I no longer need.
Things like TV, inline Skates, books, writing desk, and dumbbells.
I never thought that I have dumbbells in my room.
Had I realized and used them, I could have burnt tons of fats.
or......probably not.
Since I eat a lot too.

Since my knowledge on resale value of those things is limited,
I decided to sell that 32-inch Samsung tv for 20€.
Right after 5 minutes putting that online,
I received 10 calls and 12 emails, asking me about that Tv.
My phone kept ringing and I kept receiving the email notification from Yahoo for about 10 minutes!
That was really insane and annoying at the same time.
I told myself, that  apparently selling things online is not that hard.

So I texted my senior, just to brag about how fast people want to buy my stuff.
He laughed,
Dazed by his reaction,
I assu…