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Honestly i am not really a fan of bazar ramadhan.It's too crowded and sometimes noisy. It's also relatively difficult to park your car. As far as i can remember i only went to bazar ramadhan thrice back then in 2012. When i was a kid i did enjoy going to bazar. I still don't know why, Probably because of food!  Having to fast here does not make me miss bazar at all. When it comes to ramadhan, the only thing i really miss is iftar with my family. That is all. The food comes second. Bazar would probably be at last. Talking about bazar and food, Ayam percik was the only reason why i went to bazar last three years. I lied. There was another reason: Laici kang  The word somehow looks weird. Is that how you spell it? 
I think it's still not too late to wish you a happy ramadhan! 

Meine Mutti

Mama sent us one picture today via Whatsapp.
She rarely shares this kind of picture with us. So the only reason that i can think of is she is probably on cloud nine now. Mama has been teaching for ages. Teaching is really a noble profession i cant deny that, That is indeed true. The problem is when the head teacher keeps asking her to teach standard six. So she ends up having a super busy work life every single year. She too, has her own children that she needs to look after. Mama cannot spend so much time with her own kids. As a result of that one of my brothers still cannot read very well until now. His reading skill is relatively poor. In short Mama 'left' her own children just to 'look after' others' kids. It is good to hear/know that her noble needs are finally recognised and appreciated. It's not the award or prize money that matters, It's the thought and the appreciation of her years of hard work that count. I am completely certain that she doesnt work for money or f…

Of placidity and solitude

Steinfurt 11.06.2015


Since i'm no longer sponsored by MARA,
I decided to do part-time job.
I actually found one and am currently working in Münster.
I work a 8-hour shift from 12am to 8am and two days per week.
I'm not going to tell you more about my part-time job,
as it's not fun at all,let alone interesting.
In fact it's tiring as hell!
But hey, at least i earn some money keke

There is one amazing person whom i met there,
She's been doing this work for 10 years.
As mentioned, i only have to work twice a week.
So that means, she works 5 days a week!
But that's not all.
Even before i started working there,
She had to work 7 days a week.
I was surprised and still am when she told me.

Doing this kind of job for two days is already exhausting,
I cannot imagine how tired i would be,if i were to work for one week straight.
So I told this story to my senior,

'I cannot imagine working there for one week,
I am absolutely sure that i cannot do it.
This is the power of a mother, i guess…


I had a long conversation with my senior yesterday.
It has been a while since we last talked to each other that long.
Having that kind of talk with someone who has lots of knowledge always excites me.

One of the many questions that i asked him was:
How do i know whether or not i am ready to get married?
Many of my friends who are now happily living with their partner cannot give any answers that can satisfy me.
All of them are somehow similar to me.

'Taknak buat maksiat'
'Sunnah kahwin'
'Nak hubungan yang halal'

I'm not saying those are not true.
It's completely normal if you want to be extra careful
and avoid marrying someone because of the wrong reason.
marrying the wrong person is bad too.
If that happens, i may screw up my own life and someone else life's too.
You might not feel guilty for ruining his/her life if you are a selfish bastard,
In addition to that marriage is a sacred thing,
something that you have to protect, preserve at al…