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A friend of mine who is from Bangladesh just arrived in his home town a few days ago. He has been posting quite a lot on facebook since. Apparently he is really overjoyed, being able to spend time with his family. I hope he has a blast and enjoys every single moment there.

Back in early 2014 we used to meet ocassionally and had some conversations. We talked about this and that. He once told me that he really missed his family but he could not afford to buy a flight ticket since he did not receive any financial support from his government. Therefore he had to work and study at the same time. A return flight ticket was really expensive for someone who only earned around 400euro per month.

I was still receiving a monthly allowance from Mara at that time. So i could not really fathom how hard his predicament or his situation was. I just nodded my head a couple of times, pointing out that i could understand that kind of feeling when you miss your home. I told him to be strong and said tha…


Semester ketiga bakal bermula sekejap shj lagi.
Agak berdebar kali ni, sebab aku mestikan habiskan semester baru ni.
supaya semester depan aku dah boleh mula master thesis.
Aku ingin pulang!
secepat mungkin.

Mohon maaf salah-silap,
dan mohon juga doa daripada kalian.

Terima kasih!