Monday, July 25, 2016

The Flash

One of many lessons that I got after watching The Flash is,
although you are able to travel in time,
there are things that you cannot simply change.
I actually wept a bit watching these scenes.

The thing about being The Flash,
Everyone in the Central City thinks they are fortunate enough to have someone to rely on,
when something bad happens.
But he himself is never happy.
He may seem happy on the outside but apparently, he is hopelessly sad inside,
especially when those tragic memories strike.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Master thesis

I have recently started my internship.
It has been 4 days now.
The working atmosphere in a big company is on a whole different level.
So far, I am satisfied with everything.
Only now, I think Krefeld is somehow a bit too far.
I basically spend 3 hours on trains daily.
Up until now I never arrive home earlier than 6pm.
It's 10.22pm. I know it's still early but I am going to hit the hay now.


Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Had some free time today after iftar.
So I decided to re-draw/sketch this one picture
The lady in the original picture that I ramdonly found on Twitter, is stunning! 
I know it is just a picture, but it was beautifully drawn.
But it turned out that I messed it up.
My drawing looks shit.
She who was drawn beautiful, ended up being a fat, ugly-looking lady.
Here are the original picture and my drawing:

As I finished drawing, I laughed at myself really hard. 
I am not talented at all. I think my drawing is below average.

So, it is completely okay if you laughed after looking at it. Cheers! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Baru-baru ini aku tengok filem Inception.
Sebenarnya itu kali kedua aku tonton cerita ini.
Aku masih lagi ingat, kali pertama aku tengok Inception,
aku asyik garu-garu kepala yang tak gatal.
Lepas itu berhenti tengok buat sementara waktu,
untuk baca beberapa perkara yang berkaitan dengan filem ini.
Contohnya seperti 'lapisan mimpi', 'limbo', 'totem' dan beberapa perkara lain lagi.
Pada pendapat aku, cerita ini memang satu cerita yang berat dan boleh membuatkan penonton berkhayal.
Aku rasa Inception memang tak sesuai untuk orang untuk orang yang selalu tengok cerita untuk isi masa lapang.
Sebab dalam cerita ini ada aspek yang penonton kena fikir dan turut sama berimaginasi.

Sebaik sahaja habis tengok Inception, 
aku baring atas katil untuk tenangkan otak.
sedar-sedar sudah pun pagi. Aku tertidur. 
Jujur aku cakap, filem ini memang memeningkan kepala.

Kepada siapa yang belum tengok filem Inception ini, 
aku memang syorkan tengok,
daripada tengok filem malaysia kita yang temanya masih lagi tentang cinta dan kegiatan gengster.
Lagi satu filem yang aku syorkan kamu semua tengok; filem Memento.
Lain kalilah pula aku tulis pasal cerita Memento.

Salam Ramadan

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Last paper

The result for my last paper came out yesterday,
I got 1,7.
Not bad I guess, considering the average grade for this subject is 3,4.

So I am completely happy with that result.
I thought I would only get 2 something, like 2,0 or 2,3.
My only target was to pass, nor to pass with flying colors.

Happier when I know the worst grade for my Master study is 2,0.
Last time I even had one 2,7.
Thank you, God, basically for everything.

I rarely post my results,
But this time, I want to.
Just to prove them wrong for not sponsoring me.


Note = Grade
Sehr = very
gut = good