I received a hand-written letter.
Judging from the writing, I thought I was able to tell who sent it to me very easily.
It was from someone. Someone I have known before.
I was certain, 100% sure it was from her. 

Excited I tore the envelope and immediately threw it away.
Took out the letter and began to read it.
" It took you years to write this to me" 
I murmured. Had not started reading the content yet. 
That delighted I was. A bit frustrated as well. 
Had she sent it a bit earlier, I would have felt better.
A lot better. 

I read every sentence with a smile on my face. 
It was like I took a trip down memory lane. 

"Ngah, ngah" 
I could hear Mama calling for me.
I immediately stopped reading so that I could hide her letter, as she neared my room. 

Mama's voice echoed and became slightly louder than it was before. 

I squinted as the light went on, was not able to open my eyes completely.
'It's time for Sahur' said Mama.

It was that moment I realised it was a dream. 
My hope was shattered.
So was my happiness. 

Still I thanked God for that few-minutes happiness. Though it did not last or even worse was not real.

Happy Fasting, everyone! 


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