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Some people just dont deserve to have kids.They are just too bad to become a mother/father. Have you ever thought that raising a child is not a simple task? Do you really think everyone can succeed  in bringing up children?  Even if you are the cleverest or richest person in the world, That would not necessarily make you a good mother/father.
By looking at the way how you treat your kid, I feel sorry for you,kid. I just hope your parents soon will realize the fact that i mentioned above. If you know from the early beginning that you cannot do it, then why bother to get pregnant?  What a pain in th ....


Those who know me personally,can probably tell that i'm not a fan of this MLM. And in fact i really really really hate this system. If i were in a situation where i have to choose between bungee jumping and joining MLM, I would choose bungee jumping without having to think twice. No matter how bad and scary bungee jumping seems to me, MLM is like 100 times worse than that.
There's a reason why i hate MLM. When i was a kid, being both mother and father, Mum had to work real hard in order to make sure her kids could get enough food. Night class,teaching her friends' kids during weekend, You just name it,she has done all of them. Though it didn't always work out as she had planned. Mum however has this one character that i wish she can get rid of. She is a credulous and gullible person. Everyone sees her as an easy target. As far as i can remember, She was deceived more than three times by her own 'friends' as she was 'forced' to do business together with them. So instead of…