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So long 2014,
I cherish every moment i had in this year

Happy new year guys!


There are three different types of people in this world.It's four actually,not three But i don't want to write much about this particular type of person.
The first one is people who are exceptionally intelligent or creative. In other words, genius!  They do less,but they always achieve more and better results. From my point of view genius is someone who does a very little amount of work or does nothing at all. If you stay up late to study,you obviously put some efforts that influence your achievement. To me,you are not a genius.
Secondly is the hard worker. I must admit that i belong to this class. I am neither intelligent nor creative. But i always believe that your hard work will pay off sooner or later. Although people sometimes tend to despise those who work hard, I truly believe that those people will regret doing so. My advice is you have to prevent yourself from looking down on others. albeit you may have something that they don't have, Or you can do something that they cannot. For …

Island of dreams

Promises that were made,Hopes that i had. Future that i imagined. Beauty that i was mesmerized by, Characters that no one else has, Smile that always caught my attention. Laugh that were infectious and extremely  contagious.
I always wish i were able to travel back in time, There are things i wish i could change, Now i do realise, Even if i could, this time travel cannot make someone love you.
Dont worry, I am completely fine. Sometimes i am even stronger than you guys are. Krik krik krik 

The irony

Orang selalu minta nasihat aku pasal hubungan dan sewaktu dengannya,
No,it's not that i hate you guys. Tapi, Aku sendiri balik malaysia lepas kena dump, Betapa kecewanya aku masa tu, Siap drop dua papers lagi bulan september lepas, Aku sendiri tak pernah berjaya dlm bab hubungan ni, Maksudnya aku sendiri pun xboleh nak stay positif bila hadapi situasi mcm tu.
I mean,siapalah aku nk bagi nasihat dekat korang, Aku sendiri pun know almost zero when it comes to this topic, Masing-masing dah besar, Dah cukup besar untuk fikir dan tentukan mana baik dan mana yg buruk,
Kalau aku yang dari keluarga yang penghayatan islamnya tak kuat pun boleh stay positif selepas tu, Korang yg lebih islamic drpd aku sepatutnya dah tak bother untuk sedih, Benda macam ni sepatutnya kacang je bagi korang.
Semuanya bergantung pada diri sendiri dan ko punya will power, Persoalan sama ada ko nak move on atau nak stay sedih. Jadi pilihlah, Itu pilihan individu, Klu ko pilih untuk stay sedih,dan stay sedihlah.
Come on, kita bukan la…

Black hole

Black hole ni secara asasnya satu tempat di dalam mana-mana ruang yang daya tarikannya sangat kuat,
Sehingga jirim (matter) dan cahaya pun xboleh terlepas,

Black holes ada beberapa saiz,
ada yang besar,
ada jugak yang sekecil atom.
anda tahu betapa kecilnya atom ni sebab mata kasar tak boleh nampak atom ni

Tapi point paling penting pasal black hole bukan size,tapi jisim(mass) black hole tersebut
Secara asasnya jisim ni la yang menyebabkan black hole tu ada daya tarikan yang sangat kuat.
Bayangkan black hole yang sebesar atom tapi dari segi jisim 20 kali ganda daripada jisim matahari.

Serba sedikit penerangan pasal graviti ni,

Daya tarikan ni berkadar terus (directly proportional) dengan jisim objek 1 dan objek 2
 dan berkadar songsang (inversely proportional) dengan jarak antara dua objek tersebut.

Maksudnya, daya tarikan makin kuat apabila jisim makin besar,
atau makin lemah apabila semakin jauh antara satu sama lain.


Jadi bayangkan betapa besarnya daya tarikan tu bila mass sesu…

Apa khabar?

I have been dreaming about you since the last two weeks.
It has been a while,i guess. Those dreams somehow gave me strength,indirectly. How i wish those dreams were real.
And I think, A part of me still misses you.
Missing someone that i should not. Good memories are indeed hard to fade.


I truly want to thank everyone for the kind words and wishes,
I am grateful to have you guys as my friends,

I am 24 now,
praying to get another chance to live
and be able to celebrate my 25th birthday next year.

Being able to breathe is indeed the greatest gift from God.
Thing that i always take for granted
At the same time i keep whining and complaining how unfair life is.

I am so ungrateful!

I fear of time the most.
An anxiety disorder that cannot be prevented.

Death is the most complex function.
It is the function of everything.
Time is also a parameter of that function.
Perplexingly the answer is clear,
though how does this function look like is still unresolved.

While making full use of your life,
do not neglect the presence of the others,
otherwise the only choice you will have later is to appreciate their absence.

Death is...inevitable after all.



Even if i fall in love again with someone new,It could never be the way i loved you.
What should i do with this leftover love i have for you?


Sigh The world is indeed a scary place to live in. Whatever reasons you have,you cant cheat on your life partner or someone else. Cheating is completely unacceptable.
Marriage is where you should be together, For better,for worse For richer,for poorer In health,in sickness and through any hardships. That's the beauty of marriage i guess.
If you dont want to be in difficult times, I wonder why you get married in the first place. It is highly likely that your only reason is just to have fun.
Remember, What goes up will definitely go down. You will surely be punished for your wrongdoings.
I was saddened with the fact that a husband cheats on his wife just because she smells. What a silly reason.
I am no better than anyone else.

Teori relativiti Einstein

Einstein postulated bahawa 
1)Kelajuan cahaya itu malar atau constant.
Tak kiralah sama ada punca cahaya atau pemerhati tu statik ataupun bergerak.


Cahaya bergerak dgn kelajuan 3x10^8 meter dalam masa sesaat
Sama ada kita tengah berlari atau dalam keadaan statik,cahaya punya kelajuan masih lg sama.

2)Tapi berlainan pula dengan jarak,masa dan jisim.
Kesemuanya adalah relatif kepada pemerhati.

Kalau si A pegang sebiji bola di dalam kereta yang bergerak dgn kelajuan 50 km/h,
berapa kelajuan bola tersebut?

Di sini ada dua cara untuk jawab soalan tu,
Bola tu tak bergerak RELATIF kepada si A,

Bola tu bergerak dengan kelajuan 50 km/h RELATIF kepada orang yang berada kat luar kereta.

Contoh kedua;

bayangkan ada dua buah kereta,
kereta A bergerak dgn kelajuan 40km/h
dan kereta B bergerak dgn kelajuan 30km/h,

Kelajuan kereta A relatif kepada kereta B cuma 10 km/h,
tapi kalau orang kat sebelah jalan ukur kelajuan kereta A,
Dia akan dapat kelajuan kereta A tu 4…


What is the point of being handsome if wealth is all that matters.
The saddest thing is,i am neither handsome nor rich.
What a life.
I have to admit that wealth is an important aspect as well in choosing your future life partner.But to get dumped just because someone is richer than you is simply awful or unacceptable.
The scars will remain.No,dont ge me wrong.That is not my story.I didnt get dumped because of the wealth reason.(i think so)
After all we live in a time or in a world where money drives everything and everyone.That's how powerful money is,my friends.
If the last two posts make you uncomfortable,Kindly accept my apology for that.There is something that is out of my control lately.That something is known as emotion.So please bear with me for sometime.


I always think that life is utterly unfair.I mean,how come someone can have everything that they desire, Or worse is they have something even they dont really need it. While there are people who still have nothing but they are desperately in need of that something. So tell me,is that fair?  If you ask me,my answer is no. Not even close to fair.
I have been looking for the answer to that question ever since i was a kid. I grew up facing lot of unwelcome predicaments. While others grew up happily as if the world is theirs. Or maybe i was the only one who thought too much about life at that age.
Dont get me wrong,this is not about money. Not at all. It is about how unfair life can be.
Life is ..... hurmmm...well... I need to sleep.


Last night i read one article,
about a woman who stayed at KFC for one week, 
after she got dumped. 
She looks real sad.

I will not say anything about her 
As i just had the same experience. 
Well i think everyone has to go through that stage in life.
It is just a matter of time. 
I'm glad that she did not end up with suicide or hurt herself. 
Some people would do so,trust me! 

Though eating fast food the likes of KFC/McD for one week is not really good for your health, 
if doing so would beguile you from the grief of losing someone you once loved, 
Then you did well. 

When it comes to a relationship, 
Loyalty has to come first. 
At least for me, 
For others maybe love is their priority. 
Some may choose wealth.
Some may not.
It differs from one person to another. 

To be loved by someone is everyone's dream. 
Even if you are no longer in a relationship, 
you still have family,friends and people around you. 
We always take them for granted, 
We never appreciate their presence, sadly. 
I did that as wel…


Semalam punya cerita.

Stress baca journals.
Kenapalah pelik sistem master Uni Münster ni.

Time forgets

Balik kelas td tetiba teringin nak try,
nah hasil sejam lebih.
susah je yang termampu haha

Yiruma-Time forgets


Bagi yang selalu baca blog aku ni, dia akan tahu, dah berapa banyak post aku berkaitan dgn hospital ni.
Aku agak kecewalah dengan bajet 2015, tiap-tiap tahun aku tak pernah miss tengok/dengar Bajet tahunan ni, Sebab apa? Sebab nak tahu sama ada Hospital Bachok yang dijanjikan terlaksana ataupun tak.
Sigh. Tahun 2015 pun masih tak dapat. Bachok sekarang ni, the only jajahan dalam Kelantan yang takde hospital sendiri. Satu kenyataan yang amat pahit untuk diterima.
Memanglah kau boleh pergi Hospital Kota bharu, Atau HUSM di Kubang Kerian, tapi kena ingat, kau nak ke sana pakai kereta (petrol obviously) dan perlukan masa untuk sampai sana.
Kalau daerah tu ada hospital sendiri, orang kampung yang takde kereta pun boleh pergi dengan motosikal,
Being surrounded dengan orang yang selalu sakit dan perlukan rawatan, Serius aku rasa Bachok perlukan Hospital sendiri. Dan bagi aku hospital tu satu keperluan atau kemudahan asas yang wajib disediakan.
Politik,memang tahi.


tak sedap.i know.
tapi tak salah mencoba.kah3

Security control

Tetiba teringatperbualan aku (M) dgn seorang pegawai imigresen di lapangan terbang Frankfurt (D)
M: *hulur pasport dan visa* D: selepas tengok aku punya dokumen tu dia tny, D: studieren Sie hier? (Belajar di sini?) M: ja (ya) D: was studieren Sie denn? (Belajar apa?) M: Chemie (Kimia) D: langweilig oder? (Bosan kan belajar kimia ni?)  M: senyap seketika dan aku balas dgn ringkas. Manchmal (Kadang-kadang bosan) 
*Dua-dua gelak*
Aku rasa itu pegawai imigresen jerman paling mesralah setakat ni.

Semester baru

Esok semester baru akan bermula.Semester musim sejuk,juga merupakan semester kedua. Aku reda dan terima apa yang berlaku. Memang betul, Setiap apa yang berlaku ada hikmahnya. Aku rasa aku sudah nampak apa hikmah tersebut. Pilihan untuk bersama keluarga memang tepat.
Aku tak menyesal balik walaupun hanya sebulan. Ujian yang aku terima baru-baru ini sangatlah kecil. Sangat bodoh dan tidak masuk akal sekiranya aku hilang arah tuju disebabkan ujian yang tak seberapa. Aku ada harapan dan tanggungjawab sendiri untuk dipikul. Impian dan cita-cita untuk direalisasi. Supaya pemangkin-ku mampu senyum kegembiraan kelak.
Jadi, Aku taknak berdendam. Berdendam itu kelak memakan diri. Supaya aku juga dapat belajar dengan tenang.
I forgive you.

Krabi Thailand

16 Sept bertolak dari Bachok ke Seri kembangan
17 Sept jalan-jalan di Putrajaya
18 Sept bertolak ke Krabi
             mandi manda di Pantai Ao Nang
19 Sept 4 Islands hopping
             Koh Tup dan Koh Mor,
             Koh Kai,
             Koh Poda,
             Phra Nang Cave Beach
20 Sept Naik samlor (mcm Beca,tp dengan motorsikal) pusing sekitar Ao Nang
             balik ke Klia 2
21 Sept bertolak balik dari Seri kembangan ke Bachok


Tiket utk 7 orang: rm1900
Tempat penginapan utk 2 malam: rm300
4-islands tour : rm300
Duit dibelanjakan semasa di sana: rm600

Secara keseluruhannya,
mmg sangat berpuas hati dengan trip kali ni.
berbaloi dengan wang yg dibelanjakan.

Rantau Panjang

I spent about 4 good years in Rantau Panjang From 1992-1995 to be exact In 1996 we lived in Pengkalan Chepa. Mum used to teach at one of the schools in Rantau Panjang. Yesterday's trip was my very first visit to Rantau Panjang after 18 years have passed. It was a nostalgia trip. Since i used to spend my childhood there  Some of memories are still there and don't decay and will never do so in the future.