There are three different types of people in this world.
It's four actually,not three
But i don't want to write much about this particular type of person.

The first one is people who are exceptionally intelligent or creative.
In other words, genius! 
They do less,but they always achieve more and better results.
From my point of view genius is someone who does a very little amount of work or does nothing at all.
If you stay up late to study,you obviously put some efforts that influence your achievement.
To me,you are not a genius.

Secondly is the hard worker.
I must admit that i belong to this class.
I am neither intelligent nor creative.
But i always believe that your hard work will pay off sooner or later.
Although people sometimes tend to despise those who work hard,
I truly believe that those people will regret doing so.
My advice is you have to prevent yourself from looking down on others.
albeit you may have something that they don't have,
Or you can do something that they cannot.
For those who work real hard to change your life or to have a better life,
You have my greatest respect and admiration.I know it is not easy.

The third one is the scariest.
Genius who works hard.
Geniuses who dont work hard are already unbeatable or impossible to be surpassed,let alone those who work hard :(
There's nothing much you can do.

Last but not least, 
Someone who is neither a genius nor a hard worker.
This is the worst type i would say.
Normally they always use great people like Einstein,Bill Gates,Steve Jobs and so forth.
'Even Bill Gates failed and he later became so successful'
Those people are already intelligent to begin with.
So it is no longer a moot point.

The most important thing is to know to what class do you belong?
Hard worker? 
Genius who works hard? 
'Bill gates'-to-be? 


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