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If you are close to me,
you will probably know that I only treasure my family,
and don't really care much (or at all) for my other relatives.

Those people have been treating us like strangers,
although we are related by blood.
Now that we all seem to be successful in life,
They try to be kind to us.
They did send a friend request on facebook,
but I never approve.

You know, there are certain moments in your life that scar you forever,
Their treatment towards us 20 years ago is one of them.

Apart from my family, there are a handful amount of people,
whom I hold dear as well.
One of them is our neighbor.
I never really had the opportunities to know what it felt like having good relatives,
but being around her always make me happy.
Happiness that my real relatives could have provided.

Today Mama sent me several messages
to inform me that she just passed away.
I went to work today reminiscing.
Had I received the scholarship,
I would have been in Malaysia one year ago,
could have met h…