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The Flash

One of many lessons that I got after watching The Flash is,
although you are able to travel in time,
there are things that you cannot simply change.
I actually wept a bit watching these scenes.

The thing about being The Flash,
Everyone in the Central City thinks they are fortunate enough to have someone to rely on,
when something bad happens.
But he himself is never happy.
He may seem happy on the outside but apparently, he is hopelessly sad inside,
especially when those tragic memories strike.

Master thesis

I have recently started my internship. It has been 4 days now. The working atmosphere in a big company is on a whole different level. So far, I am satisfied with everything. Only now, I think Krefeld is somehow a bit too far. I basically spend 3 hours on trains daily. Up until now I never arrive home earlier than 6pm. It's 10.22pm. I know it's still early but I am going to hit the hay now.