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Chemists vs Physicists!

Blaja bab nuclear reaction,pbzaan antra chemie n physik mmg jelas.mgikut Einstein,tenaga n jisim ni related.klu ada tenaga msti ada view se0rng ahli fizik.jd,stiap reacti0n bg ahli fzk,pbzaan jisim xleh diabaikn,msti ambl kira jgak.
tp bg chemists plak,pbzaan jisim dlm stiap reacti0n bleh diabaikan.jd,no wonder klu kite tny soalan yg sama kt ahli kimia n fizik,mereka akn bg jwpn yg blainan.ha3.cnth soalan,apa yg blaku sbnrny dr water changes to ice?..he2.
biologists xtmsuk,atas sbb2 yg xdpt dielakkan.that's all.

Waiting for miracles to happen!

Exam is around the corner..the next two weeks is my german exam,second level..
a bit worried bcoz difficulty level for this time is much higher..
oh Lord,help me..Help me,guide me,give me strength..
sometimes i get weak..i know who i am,just a person..
i'm not capable of living in this world without seeking for your helps..
i know that it is hard for me to survive in this complicated life..huh.
i cant force myself to be happy right now..
i have to work harder in realising my dreams..
oh Lord,help me..
but at least i can consider myself to be lucky.
My family,my friends,my teachers are very nice..
life is not easy as thought..
learning from mistakes can make u wiser,ckgu Mariah said..
i have to confess it is true even though i didnt believe that at first..
lot of things that i need to know and learn from others.
oh Lord,guide me,,
that's all my capability..only hoping for ur Blessings..

Preci0us holiday

Ak rs smue org thu pkataan ni.Tahun 2009 ni mmg busy.Exam,exam,dan exam.Bile dh nk exam,kena la klu blaja je saban hari,org yg rajin bleh jd mls..erm,i mean,everyone needs to rest.Rehat ni penting,sbb kite ni manusia,bkn rob0t.even rob0t p0m klu berfungsi t'lbh masa,r0sak gak.hu2.Sejak msuk gmi ni dh xdpt menikmati cuti yg lama,sbb cuti plg lama p0m smggu.adeh sedih bt0l.skrg ni tngh tnggu hari nk balik umah.ha3.cuti hjg mggu p0m jd lah,at least bleh maen2 ngan adik2 ak,especially irsyad.hu2.xsbr nk balik ni.

I am nothing without you,,,mum

My mom is amazing..
Ni tjuk nasyed dari barat..Lbh krg mcm lagu Your Mother,by Yusoff Islam…
First time dgr mmg menangis sbb mksud lagu ni btol2 mendalam..
Sebelum ni org sibuk nk download lgu2 org puteh..Cnthnya Love Story…
Tp for me lgu My Mom Is Amazing ni berjaya smpaikn msg kpd pndengar.
It is all about mother..Nothing else.. x rugi klu dgr..
I try to find its lyrics but I cant find sad..
Actually aku pom x prnh dgr lgu ni before this..
Time ktorg ada kelas Mechanics,member aku tny, pernah dgr lgu My mom is amazing x?
Segan gak r dgn member aku sorg ni..maybe die expect aku bnyk dgr lgu2 islamic ni..
Biase r 2,nobody is je pljr kisas,tp akhlak x melambangkn aku ni pernah bljr kt kisas..
The most touching part dlm lgu ni,,,< when I woke up in the morning,she was not there>…
Sdgkn lirik2 sblom this part bdk ni(penyanyi lgu ni) describes everything about his mother..
Ya ALLAH,sedih gle..after listening to the whole song,baru aku faham..
Actually emak bdk ni mmg dh menin…

Lilac,me n myself.

Lilac ni actually is a c0l0ur..
Ak suke gle warna lilaC ni,
lilaC makes things nicer n perfect
mgkn girls like this c0l0ur m0re,
but it d0esn't mean dat lilaC bel0ngs to them..Hahaha
One m0re reas0n is s0me0ne in my lifE indeEd likes this c0l0ur..
So,name bl0g ni is actually made to appreciate her n also myself,of c0urse la..Hehe
i did so becAuse i believe everthng that has been given must be appreciateD..So that our life will be meaningful n get ALLAH's blessings.Ha3.
That's aLL.

someone special comes..

ni my beloved brother...
name die idil gak..
tp bkn idil farhan la..hahaha
idil irsyad..nice name isn't it?..hehe
sjk die lahir,attraction nk blik umah mmg kuat..
rindunye kat adik ak ni...
at least adk ak ni skrng lbh krg mcm catalyst r..
untuk ak n ahli2 kluarga yg len untk study..
u brighten my life...huhu
this post is specially made for him...