Waiting for miracles to happen!

Exam is around the corner..the next two weeks is my german exam,second level..
a bit worried bcoz difficulty level for this time is much higher..
oh Lord,help me..Help me,guide me,give me strength..
sometimes i get weak..i know who i am,just a person..
i'm not capable of living in this world without seeking for your helps..
i know that it is hard for me to survive in this complicated life..huh.
i cant force myself to be happy right now..
i have to work harder in realising my dreams..
oh Lord,help me..
but at least i can consider myself to be lucky.
My family,my friends,my teachers are very nice..
life is not easy as thought..
learning from mistakes can make u wiser,ckgu Mariah said..
i have to confess it is true even though i didnt believe that at first..
lot of things that i need to know and learn from others.
oh Lord,guide me,,
that's all my capability..only hoping for ur Blessings..


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