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As i finished watching this one tv-series,I asked myself, How on earth i didnt know about its existence. It's called Densha Otoku It means The train man literally.
I can't help but be amazed at the storyline. The way how love develops between two main characters is just seamless and perfect. I just love Saori,being able to accept him as he is, Although to be honest with that face or beauty of hers, She will not have any prob to find a guy with a better physical appearence. But still,she chooses him.
I always think a beauty and a beast can never be together. Or rather they can, when that beast is a rich bastard. Otherwise, that kind of situation will never happen in reality. It's something that you normally just can dream of, But it's absolutely impossible to occur. Since we are now living in a world where money drives everything and everyone.
Regardless of the doubtful authenticity of the story, I still think it is one of the beautiful love stories i ever encountered. The OST itself is r…

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It feels surreal to get 1,0 for Heat and Mass Transfer (HMT) subject.

I took me one year to pass the same subject with 1,3 during Bachelor.
I couldnt be happier.