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I was finally able to watch 'Bisik pada Langit' yesterday. Another good malay film that is worth watching. I love the part where Hajar recorded a video and told her parents that whenever she missed home, she would look at the sky and whisper it. 
I, too, did the same thing. There was one time when I really really missed home. What I did was I looked at the sky and murmured to myself. It was a starless and moonlit night in Steinfurt. 
And as far as I could remember, it was not a silent night as I was actually accompanied by the soothing sound of the fallen leaves, rustling in the autumn breeze. So calming that the sound itself was enough to make me feel a bit melancholy. I guess the effect would be more severe during the day. You have another factor on the list i.e. the resplendent autumn foliage.