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Rantau Panjang

I spent about 4 good years in Rantau Panjang From 1992-1995 to be exact In 1996 we lived in Pengkalan Chepa. Mum used to teach at one of the schools in Rantau Panjang. Yesterday's trip was my very first visit to Rantau Panjang after 18 years have passed. It was a nostalgia trip. Since i used to spend my childhood there  Some of memories are still there and don't decay and will never do so in the future.


I'm grateful that Allah showed me everything before it ends with marriage. If you can live happily just after one week,why can't i?  If you are now happy with someone whom you dont even know,why should i be devastated and keep being sad?  If you can find another person just after one week,why can't i? If you can love someone else within one week,you are absolutely not worth crying for.
I decided to move on and live my life like i used to. Just remember,what comes up will definitely go down. If you do something bad to others,it will happen to you as well. It's just a matter of time. I hope i'm still alive when it happens.
I would like to thank my family,my friends for being there and keep supporting me.I really appreciate what you guys have done to me.
Lastly, birds of a feather flock together. I should have known this proverb 3 years ago!


The ways of handling grief and loss differ from person to person.You may be good at keeping everything to yourself,but i'm not.I tried to do that but i failed miserably. I was so devastated at that time and had no one to share this crippling pain.My sister,being the ONLY one who knew the whole story, is generous enough to help. If it happens to you,i'm completely certain your brothers would react the same way. I dont have any intention of getting people's attention or sympathy,let alone to make you look bad. Writing has always been a regular practice of mine and in difficult times like this i write even more often.
I really wish it was a dream.


What happened to me in the last two weeks made me realize that it's impossible to have everything that i wish for.No matter how hard i try,things just dont work out the way i want them to.So from now on I've to start accepting the truth,facing the reality and learning to move forward.Thank you for the great memories and good times together.They did help me to learn and grow.I just hope this heart of mine will heal  and i'm able to walk through pain as time goes on.Though honestly i think it will take forever to mend a broken heart as a part of me still loves you and always will! 
The wheel keeps spinning.It has to.
Au revoir

Krakow Poland

I really had a great time in Krakow,despite having difficulty to find halal restaurants.
Here are the photos that i took during my trip.
The weather was bad,raining from the first day til the last day.
So taking picture in that kind of weather is somehow irritating.
Excuse my bad photos


Aku sangat benci bila dengar orang bagitau:

Money isn't everything.

Biasanya orang yang selalu cakap mcm ni,
datangnya daripada keluarga yang senang,
yang tak pernah alami kesusahan sejak dari kecil.

Ko pernah pakai kasut rm10 dapat 3 pasang?
Kasut yang selepas seminggu tercabut tapak kasut

Ko pernah naik kereta yang takde tingkap belakang?
Terpaksa guna plastik dan guna sellotape.
Kalau tak habis semua benda terbang keluar

Ko pernah naik kereta yang selalu mati tengah-tengah jalan?
Pukul 3,4 pagi terpaksa call orang lain untuk datang tolong.

Ko pernah guna duit raya setiap tahun untuk beli barang-barang rumah?
Biasanya duit raya aku dan kakak terpaksa digunakan.

Ko pernah alami,umur 16 tahun tapi takde duit langsung dalam akaun bank?
Itupun sebab masuk Kisas baru ada duit.

Ko pernah rasa betapa tebalnya muka ko,
berhutang dengan kawan tiap-tiap bulan semasa sekolah dulu?
Sebab mama terpaksa bagi duit pada kakak terlebih dahulu,
Dia urgent nak guna duit.

Apa yang ko rasa b…

Kenalan dari Taiwan

Salah satu faedah travel seorang diri ni:
we can make new friends

Itulah yang berlaku masa aku di Krakow,
Aku tgh tidur petang 5hb ogos tu,
sbb dr pkul 8pg hingga 5ptg aku jalan kaki sekitar krakow tu.

Petang tu jugak ada seorang perempuan check-in,
Dia punya tmpt tidur kat atas,aku kat bawah (Katil dua tingkat),
Masa dia letak barang-barang atas katil dia,
aku tersedar.

aku pun tegurlah dia,sbb aku ni pantang jumpa orang asia haha
kitorang sembang,tanya dari mana,belajar kt mana semua tu.
Dia bgtau dia asal taiwan,aku asal malaysia.
lps tu aku tny travel sorg je ke?

aku agak terkejut la sbb dia travel sorg sorg,
dari taiwan pulak tu.
rupanya dia pun tinggal di jerman skrg
jadi tak peliklah.
aku ingatkan dia datang dari taiwan ke poland

Dia siap offer sup yg dia masak lg kt situ,
Halalan Toyibban

Apa yang menarik psl dia ni,
Biasanya bila kau travel sorang sorang,
Ko akan check weather,baca pasal mana tmpt menarik di bandar tu dan lain lain.
Malam tu dia tny aku apa tmpt menarik di k…


Never in my life i feel so devastated.
We are now living in 2014,
However there are still parents who force their daughter or son to marry against her or his will.

Simply because of that person's job.
Obviously those parents think this guy will earn more than the others

Now i can fully understand my friends' feeling after they broke up.

I will prove that you (the parent) are absolutely wrong.

Aku sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat kecewa!