I'm grateful that Allah showed me everything before it ends with marriage.
If you can live happily just after one week,why can't i? 
If you are now happy with someone whom you dont even know,why should i be devastated and keep being sad? 
If you can find another person just after one week,why can't i?
If you can love someone else within one week,you are absolutely not worth crying for.

I decided to move on and live my life like i used to.
Just remember,what comes up will definitely go down.
If you do something bad to others,it will happen to you as well.
It's just a matter of time.
I hope i'm still alive when it happens.

I would like to thank my family,my friends for being there and keep supporting me.I really appreciate what you guys have done to me.

Lastly, birds of a feather flock together.
I should have known this proverb 3 years ago! 


All the best dil. Have fun kat mesia tu. Moga balik jerman nanti boleh score just like u always do. Rabbuna yusahhilna,amen. (:
Qatrun nada said…
semoga idil soleh dan tabah . Semua akan baik2 saje. yakin ye .

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