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If you are close to me,
you will probably know that I only treasure my family,
and don't really care much (or at all) for my other relatives.

Those people have been treating us like strangers,
although we are related by blood.
Now that we all seem to be successful in life,
They try to be kind to us.
They did send a friend request on facebook,
but I never approve.

You know, there are certain moments in your life that scar you forever,
Their treatment towards us 20 years ago is one of them.

Apart from my family, there are a handful amount of people,
whom I hold dear as well.
One of them is our neighbor.
I never really had the opportunities to know what it felt like having good relatives,
but being around her always make me happy.
Happiness that my real relatives could have provided.

Today Mama sent me several messages
to inform me that she just passed away.
I went to work today reminiscing.
Had I received the scholarship,
I would have been in Malaysia one year ago,
could have met h…

The Flash

One of many lessons that I got after watching The Flash is,
although you are able to travel in time,
there are things that you cannot simply change.
I actually wept a bit watching these scenes.

The thing about being The Flash,
Everyone in the Central City thinks they are fortunate enough to have someone to rely on,
when something bad happens.
But he himself is never happy.
He may seem happy on the outside but apparently, he is hopelessly sad inside,
especially when those tragic memories strike.

Master thesis

I have recently started my internship. It has been 4 days now. The working atmosphere in a big company is on a whole different level. So far, I am satisfied with everything. Only now, I think Krefeld is somehow a bit too far. I basically spend 3 hours on trains daily. Up until now I never arrive home earlier than 6pm. It's 10.22pm. I know it's still early but I am going to hit the hay now.


Had some free time today after iftar.So I decided to re-draw/sketch this one picture The lady in the original picture that I ramdonly found on Twitter, is stunning!  I know it is just a picture, but it was beautifully drawn. But it turned out that I messed it up. My drawing looks shit. She who was drawn beautiful, ended up being a fat, ugly-looking lady. Here are the original picture and my drawing:

As I finished drawing, I laughed at myself really hard.  I am not talented at all. I think my drawing is below average.
So, it is completely okay if you laughed after looking at it. Cheers! 


Baru-baru ini aku tengok filem Inception. Sebenarnya itu kali kedua aku tonton cerita ini. Aku masih lagi ingat, kali pertama aku tengok Inception, aku asyik garu-garu kepala yang tak gatal. Lepas itu berhenti tengok buat sementara waktu, untuk baca beberapa perkara yang berkaitan dengan filem ini. Contohnya seperti 'lapisan mimpi', 'limbo', 'totem' dan beberapa perkara lain lagi. Pada pendapat aku, cerita ini memang satu cerita yang berat dan boleh membuatkan penonton berkhayal. Aku rasa Inception memang tak sesuai untuk orang untuk orang yang selalu tengok cerita untuk isi masa lapang. Sebab dalam cerita ini ada aspek yang penonton kena fikir dan turut sama berimaginasi.
Sebaik sahaja habis tengok Inception,  aku baring atas katil untuk tenangkan otak. sedar-sedar sudah pun pagi. Aku tertidur.  Jujur aku cakap, filem ini memang memeningkan kepala.
Kepada siapa yang belum tengok filem Inception ini,  aku memang syorkan tengok, daripada tengok filem malaysia k…





Last paper

The result for my last paper came out yesterday,
I got 1,7.
Not bad I guess, considering the average grade for this subject is 3,4.

So I am completely happy with that result.
I thought I would only get 2 something, like 2,0 or 2,3.
My only target was to pass, nor to pass with flying colors.

Happier when I know the worst grade for my Master study is 2,0.
Last time I even had one 2,7.
Thank you, God, basically for everything.

I rarely post my results,
But this time, I want to.
Just to prove them wrong for not sponsoring me.


Note = Grade
Sehr = very
gut = good


Lately I came across many fb posts from my friends, who just tied the knot.Their posts are way too cheesy. I cannot read them at all, I need to scroll down as quick as i can.  Of course they are free to do whatever they want. They can express whatever they feel. It just makes wonder, how on earth can you write something too cheesy like that?
I once apologised to my ex for not being able to be romantic.  I sent her a birthday card every year. But all I wrote was: "Happy Birthday, Wish you for your happiness and may you achieve what you want in your life"
And of course with 'I love you' at the end. That one was usually in a smaller font. That was all.  I never wrote longer than that. Let alone something overly cheesy. I think I am not a romantic person. She knows that too.
So, I hope my future significant other can understand. I hope she doesnt expect me to write anything cheesy, especially on my Facebook. But other than that, I can probably give it a try, If that what makes her feel appr…


A Chinese acquaintance of mine asked several questions today.
She has heard that in Islam women must cover their head after they reach puberty,
but why do some still don't wear hijab?
It baffled me that I was asked this kind of question from a non-Muslim.

Later she asked why do men can have more than one wife in Islam?
She also said that she already met someone (Malaysian) with 3 wives.
The fact that she knows that guy has 3 wives freaks her out.

We always wonder why many hate us,
We get infuriated when other Muslims face discrimination.
I guess you can blame those people who don't really represent Islam.
I am not talking about ISIS, but about those Muslims who drink, commit adultery and other prohibited acts.

Peperiksaan separa perubatan SPA

Memandangkan susah sangat untuk jumpa contoh soalan yang diajukan,
Aku berhasrat untuk berkongsi serba-sedikit berkenaan peperiksaan online ni.

Ia mengandungi dua bahagian.

1) Seksyen A
- Terdapat 192 soalan semua sekali
- Jangan bimbang, 192 memang banyak, tapi soalan ditanya semua berkaitan minat, kebolehan dan sewaktun dengannya.
- Pada pengamatan aku, seksyen A ini tujuannya lebih kepada untuk mengetahui kebolehan dan minat kita.
- Aku secara peribadi rasa bahagian ini agak senang.

2) Seksyen B
- Jumlah soalan 50 dan beraneka pilihan.
- Berkaitan dengan pengetahuan am.
- Bagi aku, bahagian kedua ini memang susah dan mencabar.
- Masa yang diberi adalah 40 Minit. Memang tak cukup. Aku tinggal beberapa soalan.

Contoh soalan:

1) Jumlah tulang manusia dewasa?

2) Vitamin yang larut di dalam lemak?

3) Satu mayat ditemui, bagaimana untuk mengetahui mayat itu mayat perempuan atau lelaki?

4) Vitamin yang keluar melalui urin sekiranya diambil secara berlebihan?

5) Apa yang berlaku sekiranya…


Aku salah seorang pembaca setia artikel oh bahasaku.
Tiga artikel terbaru semuanya berkaitan dengan dialek. Memandangkan aku dari negeri yang dialeknya agak sukar untuk difahami, Aku amatlah faham kebimbangan penulis terhadap penggunaan dialek.
Sesetengah aspek yang diutarakan memang betul,  contohnya adik aku sendiri pernah menggunakan dialek di dalam karangan. Bila dibaca, memang kelakar. tapi manalah dia tahu perkataan yang betul dalam bahasa melayu standard, sebab dia dari kecil sampai sekarang sudah terbiasa dengan dialek. Malah aku sendiri kadang-kadang tidak tahu perkataan atau istilah yang betul. Contohnya perkataan 'lemau' aku baru sahaja tahu pada tahun 2007, selepas 17 tahun hidup di Malaysia. Jadi aku agak adik-adik aku yang lain akan mengalami situasi yang sama, Aku pernah tulis pengalaman kali pertama belajar dan tinggal di selangor. daftar dan mula belajar di bulan februari 2006, tapi aku ambil masa 3/4 bulan untuk mula bertegur sapa dengan pelajar lain.
Tapi, …


Jemput baca dua artikel wiki yang aku baru saja tulis.
1) Azeotrop 2) Hukum Raoult


For the first time, i think i am mentally well prepared to fail.
I think, it's very likely that i may fail this biochemistry subject.
I still have one week,
But there's a lot to study. Like really a looooooooooot.

Biochemistry is killing me.


"Even if we are far away from each other,we could still meet in our own dreams"
"You'll no longer have nightmares. And the best part of dream is that is our virtual  meeting place."
"A special place that no one else knows."

Terima Kasih

My german friend asked me how do we Malaysians say Thank you?
I replied 'Terima Kasih'.
He had no problem to pronounce it correctly.
I then explained to him,
that I do not really know how our ancestors came up with that phrase.

But I personally think Terima Kasih has really a beautiful meaning.
If you translate, terima is receive and kasih has something to with love, admiration and/or affection.
Putting them together you will get 'i have received love'.
That totally makes sense,
So basically, you are thankful that someone has shown love/admiration/affection (to you).

That was what I told him,
Our ancestors might have different interpretations,
Either way, its beauty lies there.


I was in Frankfurt two days ago. I sat at one corner in the train station. One hour after being there, one woman came with her 4 kids to sit there as well. Judging from their size, I'd say the youngest is probably two years old. The twins are around 5-6 years old and the eldest daughter is, I think, 9 years old. She put her youngest child on the bench. Right after that she went somewhere else, leaving all 4 kids there. I remembered that she said something to the twins. I could not understand what she said. It was in arabic. I presumed that she told them to look after their brother. The youngest started to cry loudly as soon as her mother went away. Imagine, sitting in a train station full of people, and a kid sitting somewhat close to you was crying!  Others who were there shook their heads. I can respect your decision to have many kids. But I really cannot tolerate irresponsibility. I firmly believe that good parenting skills will result in well-rounded kids. If you think you cannot raise a kid, Why …