Lately I came across many fb posts from my friends, who just tied the knot.
Their posts are way too cheesy.
I cannot read them at all,
I need to scroll down as quick as i can. 
Of course they are free to do whatever they want.
They can express whatever they feel.
It just makes wonder, how on earth can you write something too cheesy like that?

I once apologised to my ex for not being able to be romantic. 
I sent her a birthday card every year.
But all I wrote was:
"Happy Birthday, Wish you for your happiness and may you achieve what you want in your life"

And of course with 'I love you' at the end.
That one was usually in a smaller font.
That was all. 
I never wrote longer than that.
Let alone something overly cheesy.
I think I am not a romantic person.
She knows that too.

So, I hope my future significant other can understand.
I hope she doesnt expect me to write anything cheesy, especially on my Facebook.
But other than that, I can probably give it a try,
If that what makes her feel appreciated.
Although I will first try to convince her that no cheesy post doesnt mean I dont love her...

...I hope she'd buy that.
Or else I will be in a deep trouble trying to be cheesy! That's something I dont want to imagine.



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