Last paper

The result for my last paper came out yesterday,
I got 1,7.
Not bad I guess, considering the average grade for this subject is 3,4.

So I am completely happy with that result.
I thought I would only get 2 something, like 2,0 or 2,3.
My only target was to pass, nor to pass with flying colors.

Happier when I know the worst grade for my Master study is 2,0.
Last time I even had one 2,7.
Thank you, God, basically for everything.

I rarely post my results,
But this time, I want to.
Just to prove them wrong for not sponsoring me.


Note = Grade
Sehr = very
gut = good


Qatrun nada said…
Tahniah idil farhan :)
Unknown said…
@ Qatrun : Terima kasih!

@ akmal sabri: Thanks mal!
T, sarah said…
Congratulations Idil! Gmi. Fh. Alhamdulillah still success. May the force always be with you.

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