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Seperti yang diketahui umum, Kebanyakkan negeri di Malaysia ada loghat masing-masing. Contohnya Kelantan,Terengganu,Kedah, Sabah dan Sarawak. Begitu juga Jerman. Jerman mempunyai 16 negeri (Bundesland). Memandangkan aku pernah tinggal agak lama di dua negeri yang berbeza, Jadi aku tahulah serba sedikit psl loghat di sini. Dulu tinggal di Bayern (Bavaria) Sekarang tinggal di Nordrhine-Westfallen (North-rhine westphalia) NRW ringkasnya. Bayern ada loghatnya sendiri. Artikel 'der' 'die' dan 'das' pun tak sama macam apa yang aku belajar dulu. Pernah sekali sembang dengan seorang makcik di Regensburg,Bayern dulu, Dia cakap punyalah panjang, Tapi hanya satu perkataan shj yang aku boleh tangkap. Yang lain semua ke laut china selatan. Noob gila rasanya masa tu. Punyalah bersungguh belajar bhs jerman masa di GMi dulu. Bila pindah ke Münster,rasa lega gila. Sebab sini kebanyakkannya guna standard german. Memang mudah nak faham.(Thank God!)
Contoh yang paling ketara, Di Bayern, kita 'greet…

Kreislehrgarten, Steinfurt 2015



So i decided to write something before i off to bed.Something which is probably not so important, and maybe it's not even worth knowing.
Let me warn you first,that this post is about love. If you still insist,then just continue reading. And if you think love is not your cup of tea,then i'm sorry that this post is not meant for you.
Let's get straight to the point,swiftly. I've known heaps of people who are wont to easily fall in love with someone new. Obviously i don't know why, But i personally think it is highly important for you, to be able to differentiate whether you love him/her because you really do. Or you love him/her just because you are currently lonely. In other words loving someone new that fast in order to reduce loneliness. If it is the latter,then it's absolutely a wrong move as when you are finally able to get rid of your loneliness, you no longer feel the need to have that someone. I dont think it's wise,not at all. and it's highly likely that you ma…


Mama keeps asking me,
whether it's possible to come home for this coming Raya,
This is actually pretty bizarre.
as she normally can understand most of my decisions,
i don't even have to explain to her why.
But this time,
it's somewhat different.
Since i spend most of the time being in a country far away from my family,
i always think i don't contribute much to my family.

Now i am really torn,
I do want to fulfil her request,
I love celebrating Raya with my family.
Everyone does.
The thing is i am also having a financial problem right now,
if i go back home again this year,
then i can only afford to pay the rent until next month.
after that i am completely broke.

I should have saved more.
But it's too late now to regret.

What should i do?
Should i come home this time?
or shouldn't i?

Spring's eternal beauty

Listening to Joe Hisaishi's music,accompanied by the sound of the birds chirping, and the gentle spring breeze. My worries start to disappear,astonishingly. My heart is suddenly at ease, It feels as if i had no problem to face at all.
How can life be so beguiling? Is this heaven? - I ask myself


So starting today, Malaysia is one of the countries that have implemented this type of tax. If i recall it right, there are overall 160 countries excluding Malaysia.
I personally think Gst is a better tax than Sst. The problem now is more on how the Govt spends the public funds or our tax money. Plus the presence of corrupt politicians makes the current economic situation even worse.
Malaysia relies too much on oil-related industries. And you probably know,  Last year we encountered the oil price slump where the oil price hit as low as  $40++ per barrel, which is one of the factors that caused russian ruble to drop significantly, forcing multinational companies the likes of Adidas and Apple to close their stores in Russia (temporarily). As far as i know, Russia too, depends heavily on oil and gas industry. (68% of their total exports).
By implementing Gst, the Govt will have a slightly higher revenue (compared to that of Sst). where it should be spent to progress(not to regress) and enhance the coun…