So starting today, 
Malaysia is one of the countries
that have implemented this type of tax.
If i recall it right, there are overall 160 countries excluding Malaysia.

I personally think Gst is a better tax than Sst.
The problem now is more on how the Govt spends the public funds or our tax money.
Plus the presence of corrupt politicians makes the current economic situation even worse.

Malaysia relies too much on oil-related industries.
And you probably know, 
Last year we encountered the oil price slump where the oil price hit as low as  $40++ per barrel,
which is one of the factors that caused russian ruble to drop significantly,
forcing multinational companies
the likes of Adidas and Apple to close their stores in Russia (temporarily).
As far as i know, Russia too, depends heavily on oil and gas industry.
(68% of their total exports).

By implementing Gst, the Govt will have a slightly higher revenue (compared to that of Sst).
where it should be spent to progress(not to regress) and enhance the country's developement.

With my limited knowledge on this topic, that's all what i can write.
I still have to read a lot.
Gst is good (Please don't call me 'macai'),
The problem is,as mentioned above, the government's spending habit.
I personally think they failed to find the right time to implement this tax system.

We are currently living in the world, where  the party that 'songlap' less is the better side.
That is how politic works,my friends.

P/s: You are welcome to correct me if i am wrong :) 


syaza raman said…
Saya sendiri harus byk membaca lagi untuk menulis psl GST. Anyway, good job! Germany's gst, if im not mistaken is 19.9% right ?
Unknown said…
@syazatul jerman ada dua kadar yg berbeza. 19% dan 7%.

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