So i decided to write something before i off to bed.
Something which is probably not so important,
and maybe it's not even worth knowing.

Let me warn you first,that this post is about love.
If you still insist,then just continue reading.
And if you think love is not your cup of tea,then i'm sorry that this post is not meant for you.

Let's get straight to the point,swiftly.
I've known heaps of people who are wont to easily fall in love with someone new.
Obviously i don't know why,
But i personally think it is highly important for you,
to be able to differentiate whether you love him/her because you really do.
Or you love him/her just because you are currently lonely.
In other words loving someone new that fast in order to reduce loneliness.
If it is the latter,then it's absolutely a wrong move
as when you are finally able to get rid of your loneliness, you no longer feel the need to have that someone.
I dont think it's wise,not at all.
and it's highly likely that you may end up regretting later.
Because love doesnt change,
People do.

People who are in love, usually don't listen to or take our advice.
Actually it's not very surprising.
I was like that too, i admit.
Well, after all,
One cannot love and be wise.


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