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Grading system

As you probably already know,
the system here is a bit different. In Malaysia 4,0 is the best one, but in Germany 4,0 is the lowest passing grade! above 4,0 is basically a fail. which obviously means you do not pass the exam.
Here is a table (It does not really look like a table), to make the system easier to be understood.

Punkte = points
n.b ( nicht bestanden) = fail

Here in Germany 1,0 is the best grade.
As you can see from the picture above,
to attain 1,0 you have to get at least 95 points.
So it is very hard to get 1,0,
but it is not impossible.

The grade distribution as shown above is however not valid for the whole country.
A friend of mine once told me that his Uni's differs a bit from mine.
For example, at my university you either get 2,0 or 2,3. you will never get 2,2.
but at his university it is not impossible to get 2,2
That's what i meant by grade distribution.

Unfortunately i am not very familiar with system in my own country.
All i know is 4,0 is the best.
Feel …

Gapp 08

It seems like it was only yesterday i got this award from GMI,

After all it is mentioned in Quran,
Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves (13:11)


People always ask me whether or not i eat instant noodles.
I do eat instant noodles, Maggi for example.
When i say i do, people simply don't believe me.

They normally reply, 'eh budak pandai makan maggi juga ke?'
Their reply leaves me perplexed.
At the same time it is quite funny as well.
I'm not even clever to begin with.

Mum was really strict when it comes to food.
We were not allowed to eat instant noodles or drink carbonated drinks at all.
Mum used to slap us for eating candies made from Thailand!
The slap was not painful at all,
But i still remember, i immediately cried after that,
It was neither because i got slapped nor it hurt,
It was because my candies were all thrown away!

When we wanted to eat Maggi or drink coke(or something similar),
we had to wait until mum was not at home,
Or when she was at home, we ate them secretly and discreetly.
And of course when you were young ,you definitely could not fathom her actions,
Kids generally tend to try everything, de…


So i heard you are going to get married soon.Though i always wanted to avoid hearing this kind of news, I happened to know about that today.
Frustrated, i was. Since i did try everything, i no longer have any regrets of letting you go. Oh wait, you were the one who let me go,  Not the other way around .
Nevertheless, I wish you all the happiness you can have.  I hope you will achieve whatever you want and never stop chasing your countless dreams. The last three years were indeed beautiful  and those moments are still fresh in my mind.
As for myself, i am definitely happy with my current life. Though i personally think it will take ages, before i can decide to be in a relationship with someone new.
Adieu -The one who used to love you unconditionally-


Always and only you