Grading system

As you probably already know,
the system here is a bit different.
In Malaysia 4,0 is the best one,
but in Germany 4,0 is the lowest passing grade!
above 4,0 is basically a fail.
which obviously means you do not pass the exam.

Here is a table (It does not really look like a table),
to make the system easier to be understood.

Punkte = points
n.b ( nicht bestanden) = fail

Here in Germany 1,0 is the best grade.
As you can see from the picture above,
to attain 1,0 you have to get at least 95 points.
So it is very hard to get 1,0,
but it is not impossible.

The grade distribution as shown above is however not valid for the whole country.
A friend of mine once told me that his Uni's differs a bit from mine.
For example, at my university you either get 2,0 or 2,3. you will never get 2,2.
but at his university it is not impossible to get 2,2
That's what i meant by grade distribution.

Unfortunately i am not very familiar with system in my own country.
All i know is 4,0 is the best.
Feel free to share anything regarding the grading system in a country where you are now studying,
or where you used to study.



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