I was in Frankfurt two days ago.
I sat at one corner in the train station.
One hour after being there,
one woman came with her 4 kids to sit there as well.
Judging from their size, I'd say the youngest is probably two years old.
The twins are around 5-6 years old
and the eldest daughter is, I think, 9 years old.
She put her youngest child on the bench.
Right after that she went somewhere else, leaving all 4 kids there.
I remembered that she said something to the twins.
I could not understand what she said.
It was in arabic.
I presumed that she told them to look after their brother.
The youngest started to cry loudly as soon as her mother went away.
Imagine, sitting in a train station full of people,
and a kid sitting somewhat close to you was crying! 
Others who were there shook their heads.
I can respect your decision to have many kids.
But I really cannot tolerate irresponsibility.
I firmly believe that good parenting skills will result in well-rounded kids.
If you think you cannot raise a kid,
Why bother to have more? 
I daresay from what I have observed that most if not all muslims have this anak-itu-rezeki mentality.
Then you wonder why most of us keep blaming other parties when something happened.
USA do this, Israel do that.
It is not surprising that they are thriving while we are still playing the blame game.


I wish everyone a good and happy new year.
May 2016 bring you happiness, wealth and health.
As for me, I just want to come back home as soon as possible.
Regardless of which state my beloved Malaysia is now in.


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