The ways of handling grief and loss differ from person to person.You may be good at keeping everything to yourself,but i'm not.I tried to do that but i failed miserably.
I was so devastated at that time and had no one to share this crippling pain.My sister,being the ONLY one who knew the whole story, is generous enough to help.
If it happens to you,i'm completely certain your brothers would react the same way.
I dont have any intention of getting people's attention or sympathy,let alone to make you look bad.
Writing has always been a regular practice of mine and in difficult times like this i write even more often.

I really wish it was a dream.


AMD said…
hai lila..betul.setuju..lila maybe berkongsi dgn adk perempuan je tp kami rasa kami jenih berkongsi dgn whole family.xtau mcm mn walopun xjmpk jln penyelesaian lg tp sekurang2nya rasa x sedap tu hilang.nk menulis tu mls.tahun ni x taip lg kot.baca org pny lg best sbb i feel what they feel.hhihihi
Well,stay strong dil. Sy tak berani nk interfere since its yr personal. But time would heal everything,the least thing time could do is you would get used to this. Give yrself some time. It helps perhaps. Im sorry to hear that btw.
Cikgu Cee said…
why bro why? patutlah lately napok down jah

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