I truly want to thank everyone for the kind words and wishes,
I am grateful to have you guys as my friends,

I am 24 now,
praying to get another chance to live
and be able to celebrate my 25th birthday next year.

Being able to breathe is indeed the greatest gift from God.
Thing that i always take for granted
At the same time i keep whining and complaining how unfair life is.

I am so ungrateful!

I fear of time the most.
An anxiety disorder that cannot be prevented.

Death is the most complex function.
It is the function of everything.
Time is also a parameter of that function.
Perplexingly the answer is clear,
though how does this function look like is still unresolved.

While making full use of your life,
do not neglect the presence of the others,
otherwise the only choice you will have later is to appreciate their absence.

Death is...inevitable after all.



syaza raman said…
Alles gute zum Geburstag :)
Unknown said…
@syazatul atikah : danke schön
Akmal Sabri said…
selamat hari-hari idil !
AMD said…
kena cari planet lain yg lebih besaq jisimnya dari bumi la geni.. T_T

wake up bro..mari men'tua' di bumi ni

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