What is the point of being handsome if wealth is all that matters.

The saddest thing is,

i am neither handsome nor rich.

What a life.

I have to admit that wealth is an important aspect as well in choosing your future life partner.

But to get dumped just because someone is richer than you is simply awful or unacceptable.

The scars will remain.

No,dont ge me wrong.

That is not my story.

I didnt get dumped because of the wealth reason.

(i think so)

After all we live in a time or in a world where money drives everything and everyone.

That's how powerful money is,my friends.

If the last two posts make you uncomfortable,

Kindly accept my apology for that.

There is something that is out of my control lately.

That something is known as emotion.

So please bear with me for sometime.


Unknown said…
Haha. Come on ah. Narat keno nganyim psl xsmak skali,down trus doh? Not cool sis. This is not cool. Lel!

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