I always think that life is utterly unfair.
I mean,how come someone can have everything that they desire,
Or worse is
they have something even they dont really need it.
While there are people who still have nothing but they are desperately in need of that something.
So tell me,is that fair? 
If you ask me,my answer is no.
Not even close to fair.

I have been looking for the answer to that question ever since i was a kid.
I grew up facing lot of unwelcome predicaments.
While others grew up happily as if the world is theirs.
Or maybe i was the only one who thought too much about life at that age.

Dont get me wrong,this is not about money.
Not at all.
It is about how unfair life can be.

Life is ..... hurmmm...well...
I need to sleep.


syaza raman said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
syaza raman said…
God gives the greatest battle to His strongest soldier! Hope that makes your day :)
Unknown said…
to syazatul: That definitely made my day! Danke dir :D

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