Last night i read one article,
about a woman who stayed at KFC for one week, 
after she got dumped. 
She looks real sad.

I will not say anything about her 
As i just had the same experience. 
Well i think everyone has to go through that stage in life.
It is just a matter of time. 
I'm glad that she did not end up with suicide or hurt herself. 
Some people would do so,trust me! 

Though eating fast food the likes of KFC/McD for one week is not really good for your health, 
if doing so would beguile you from the grief of losing someone you once loved, 
Then you did well. 

When it comes to a relationship, 
Loyalty has to come first. 
At least for me, 
For others maybe love is their priority. 
Some may choose wealth.
Some may not.
It differs from one person to another. 

To be loved by someone is everyone's dream. 
Even if you are no longer in a relationship, 
you still have family,friends and people around you. 
We always take them for granted, 
We never appreciate their presence, sadly. 
I did that as well in the past. 

Getting dumped is actually not 100% bad. 
It greatly depends on how you view and deal with that kind of situation.
A broken heart can be mended.
Time helps and partially heals it.
Plus tough times will never last.
That's a part of life

Cheer up! 
From someone who got dumped 2 months ago. hiks!


rasa nk komen plak post kali ni~
tp ak x reti la nk ckp bi berbuih2 mcm mu dil..heee~

yuppp~sakit kan kena dump..
lumrah bagi manusia yg nk disayangi n menyayangi lebih drpd ape yg mereka sudah sedia ade~

ape2 pun dil aku tabik sama ko lah!
springgg lagi~

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