A friend of mine who is from Bangladesh just arrived in his home town a few days ago. He has been posting quite a lot on facebook since. Apparently he is really overjoyed, being able to spend time with his family. I hope he has a blast and enjoys every single moment there.

Back in early 2014 we used to meet ocassionally and had some conversations. We talked about this and that. He once told me that he really missed his family but he could not afford to buy a flight ticket since he did not receive any financial support from his government. Therefore he had to work and study at the same time. A return flight ticket was really expensive for someone who only earned around 400euro per month.

I was still receiving a monthly allowance from Mara at that time. So i could not really fathom how hard his predicament or his situation was. I just nodded my head a couple of times, pointing out that i could understand that kind of feeling when you miss your home. I told him to be strong and said that his sacrifice and hard work would soon pay off. To be honest i did not really think he need that kind of advice or those comforting words. That was however the least i could do as a friend.

His monthly wage was hardly enough for him to pay the rent and buy groceries. With that being said he still managed to save 20euro per month, he added. He hoped he could buy a flight ticket some day thru his saving. He said that smilingly. I felt really bad for him. If i had to go through the same thing, i do not think i could still smile like he did. He really is impressive!

Being with someone less fortunate makes me realize that life is after all not that bad. It is however still true that life is not fair, but i think i must be grateful for what i have. You may not be rich but you are still able to have at least one proper meal in one day. There are people whose situation is even worse. They scarcely have anything to eat. You may not be happy with what you have been through or experienced, but at least you are not in a war zone. You should be grateful that you are not in that man-made hell.

Be grateful and do avoid being fatalistic.


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