I had a long conversation with my senior yesterday.
It has been a while since we last talked to each other that long.
Having that kind of talk with someone who has lots of knowledge always excites me.

One of the many questions that i asked him was:
How do i know whether or not i am ready to get married?
Many of my friends who are now happily living with their partner cannot give any answers that can satisfy me.
All of them are somehow similar to me.

'Taknak buat maksiat'
'Sunnah kahwin'
'Nak hubungan yang halal'

I'm not saying those are not true.
It's completely normal if you want to be extra careful
and avoid marrying someone because of the wrong reason.
marrying the wrong person is bad too.
If that happens, i may screw up my own life and someone else life's too.
You might not feel guilty for ruining his/her life if you are a selfish bastard,
In addition to that marriage is a sacred thing,
something that you have to protect, preserve at all costs.
So i just hope you guys take marriage seriously.
If you get married because of sex,
I can assure you that your union will not last.
Marriage is in my honest opinion way more than sex.

At the end of our conversation, he asked me:

Apa yang kau nak sangat dalam hidup ni?

That simple question dumfounded and stupefied me.
I went silent and wasn't able to come up with a solid answer.


Akmal Sabri said…
Adam pun berasa sunyi walaupun tinggal di syurga yang penuh nikmat.

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