Since i'm no longer sponsored by MARA,
I decided to do part-time job.
I actually found one and am currently working in Münster.
I work a 8-hour shift from 12am to 8am and two days per week.
I'm not going to tell you more about my part-time job,
as it's not fun at all,let alone interesting.
In fact it's tiring as hell!
But hey, at least i earn some money keke

There is one amazing person whom i met there,
She's been doing this work for 10 years.
As mentioned, i only have to work twice a week.
So that means, she works 5 days a week!
But that's not all.
Even before i started working there,
She had to work 7 days a week.
I was surprised and still am when she told me.

Doing this kind of job for two days is already exhausting,
I cannot imagine how tired i would be,if i were to work for one week straight.
So I told this story to my senior,

'I cannot imagine working there for one week,
I am absolutely sure that i cannot do it.
This is the power of a mother, i guess'

We both laughed as i finished talking.
He nodded his head a few times, telling me indirectly that he agrees with me.
Hence no one can hold a candle to our mother when it comes to sacrifice.


Akmal Sabri said…
Mara buat problem ke idil. Semoga dipermudahkan urusan. haha. jadi warga german teruslah idil. Bekerja dan menetap di sana. Tapi aku kenal ko. Mesti ko pentingkan jugak family ko di Kelantan. Semoga baik-baik sahaja hendaknya.
aleesaHAHA said…
patut la senyak sunyi sepi krik krik krik leni
takpo bro, semoga pengorbanang mu nih berbaloi untuk maso depe mu.
betul! aku rasa mak-mak ni semua memang superwomen..

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