Honestly i am not really a fan of bazar ramadhan.
It's too crowded and sometimes noisy.
It's also relatively difficult to park your car.
As far as i can remember i only went to bazar ramadhan thrice back then in 2012.
When i was a kid i did enjoy going to bazar.
I still don't know why,
Probably because of food! 
Having to fast here does not make me miss bazar at all.
When it comes to ramadhan, the only thing i really miss is iftar with my family.
That is all.
The food comes second.
Bazar would probably be at last.
Talking about bazar and food,
Ayam percik was the only reason why i went to bazar last three years.
I lied.
There was another reason: Laici kang 
The word somehow looks weird.
Is that how you spell it? 

I think it's still not too late to wish you a happy ramadhan! 


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