Meine Mutti

Mama sent us one picture today via Whatsapp.
She rarely shares this kind of picture with us.
So the only reason that i can think of is she is probably on cloud nine now.
Mama has been teaching for ages.
Teaching is really a noble profession
i cant deny that,
That is indeed true.
The problem is when the head teacher keeps asking her to teach standard six.
So she ends up having a super busy work life every single year.
She too, has her own children that she needs to look after.
Mama cannot spend so much time with her own kids.
As a result of that one of my brothers still cannot read very well until now.
His reading skill is relatively poor.
In short Mama 'left' her own children just to 'look after' others' kids.
It is good to hear/know that her noble needs are finally recognised and appreciated.
It's not the award or prize money that matters,
It's the thought and the appreciation of her years of hard work that count.
I am completely certain that she doesnt work for money or for fame.
And honestly she actually deserves more than what she has received yesterday.

Here's the picture. We are proud of you! 


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