I was too busy revising today's lecture of Biochemistry,
It's probably the third situation that Einstein's relativity theory can be applied to.
Time appears to move slower every time I am in this lecture.
I felt hungry and headed to the kitchen, planning to cook something.
I put that not so good-looking omelette on the plate and sit at one of two tables available there.
As I was about to start eating, my senior came in.
It turned out that he too was hungry.... at 10 pm.
So I decided to wait until he finished preparing his food.

He sat opposite me.
I noticed something strange after I had my first, long-awaited bite.
He was eating oats. The fact is he really hates oats.
So I asked him and wanted to know why he did that.
At first, he was reluctant to tell me why,
but then he said he had discovered that eating rice is not good for our health.
It appears that rice, which contains lots of carbohydrates fastens the growth and spread of cancer cells.

I stopped eating.
Suddenly I did not feel hungry at all, although half of my omelette was still left untouched.
Out of thousand topics he could choose, he plumped for cancer.
Truthfully that was not his fault.
I was the one who asked him for the answer.
But, I still thought that he could have answered me after I had finished eating, right?
Nevertheless, what was said could not be unsaid.

We talked about this and that, mostly about health.
I told him that I just lost a friend who suffered from lung cancer.
We both became speechless,
He then suddenly broke the silence only by saying one word, health.
He said he now knew what he wanted in his life.
Happiness is not really a function of time, but health, he added.
Basically, health determines your degree of happiness.
to which I secretly agree with him on that.
For that, it has been almost 2 months since I had my last chocolate.
I have been trying to reduce my sugar intake.
But I do however eat cookies, for example,
because I may go crazy if I do not take any sugar for weeks.

Note: I have not managed to find any journals that relate sugar/carbs to cancer growth. I will do and read them once I have time, probably on this weekend.


AMD said…
steady bro.memang kesihatan tu penting.serius sedih kot tengok orang sakit, tak kuat. recently i saw a man slipped on the road.dia baru discharged kot.baru nak pi kat kereta. ganbatte!harap-harap dapat bertahan x sentuh coklat.gua dah terlambat.stok coklat dalam peti ais dah nak licin.x dapat dibendung.
fuyoo..bagus gila kawan ko..aku yg ada cancer ni pn selamber jek mkn nasik..aku ada baca2, sugar feeds cancer cells, tp just article biasa2 la bukan journal..klu ko jumpa leh la share kat aku!! :)

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