Bling bling

My brother and I never really talk about personal matter or life,
That kind of discussion is too uncomfortable and
would probably lead to an extremely awkward situation.
Even if we do have something to say to each other, 
mum will be the middleman, well, middlewoman obviously.

After that break-up my brother and I went to eat at a restaurant,.
He opened up and told me that he too just broke up.
I was shocked, because she was probably the first girl that my mum liked. Judging from her behaviors and characters,
I think I know why mum really likes a girl of that kind.
'There's no point in telling me how much mama likes her when her parents dont'
He once overheard the conversation between that girl and her mother.
She told her sternly that a guy like my brother has no future and 
with the fact that he comes from a family that is not so well-off, he is therefore not capable of taking a good care of her daughter.
Right after that they broke up.
I mean who on earth will continue being in a relationship after having heard those harsh words.
He too, thinks that when you have money you win over pretty much everything.
You 'poor' soul! 

A friend of mine used to say this; 
"muko mu supo tong air pun klu dea poket tebal ore nok belako"


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