Today I presented the work that was assigned to us by our Prof.
It's about statistics and the lecture is held in german.
I chose to take this subject because I thought it would be really helpful later.
I mean, we, engineers always perform experiments that involve an enormous amount of data.
So having knowledge on how to analyze those data is a very substantial aspect of being an engineer.

I was actually a tad nervous because it has been years already since I last did my presentation in german.
The first slide was explained pretty good, I guess.
I continued explaining the second slide,
Done with that slide, I proceeded to the third slide.
As I was about to begin with that slide, I suddenly remembered,
I forgot to point something out.
I was supposed to mention what does c in the equation that I put on the second slide mean?
But it was too late.
I just resumed presenting.
It was a bit embarrassing to do such a mistake.

At the end of my presentation, as I had finished asking for the audience's response,
My prof stood up and came towards me.
He asked me to explain the second slide once again.
Just like I expected.
Overall it went pretty well.
So my decision to stay away from social media for several days was right.



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