Of kakak's kueh raya

Fareed just got here today, my junior who also lives in Kelate.
Mama sent me a lot of stuff like maggi,maggi and maggi. hehe
Kakak who was just into baking, sent me a jar full of kueh raya.
One of them is my favorite Sarang semut.

To my surprise Kakak's kueh raya tastes really good!
I still remember how suck was her cooking/baking skill before she got married.
Her nasi goreng was terrible, but we still finished it.
Not because we were extremely hungry. It was solely because she would scold and get mad at us.
Mama used to give more compliments to me when it comes to cooking.
I think her skills have improved significantly.
I rarely say this, but she's really a good cook now. 

The magic of a marriage i guess(?)


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