Last night something unexpected happened. I never thought that i had to encounter such a creepy moment. My heart beat crazily and i was in a cold sweat. It was really terrifying.

I was followed by this one guy as i was on my way to train station. I was not suspicious of that guy at first as his appearance seemed pretty normal and nothing was peculiar.

The alley that leads to train station is always dark, you can scarcely see things in front of you. You can hardly recognize someone who is like 50m from you. Plus a small village like Steinfurt starts to get quiet relatively early. 

I started being suspicious when i realized his walking pace got faster after a few minutes walking behind me.So I speeded up and it turned out he walked even faster! 

I was too preoccupied at that moment that i really could not think of anything. My brain just did not work well in this kind of situation. If you give me a math problem to solve, i am absolutely sure i can think of thousand solving methods after some time, (literally). After calming down, i decided to pull a trick on him. I stopped after taking several unsual large steps, feigning to tie my shoelaces.A normal person with no bad intention would just continue walking in this situation. But he did not. He stood still right behind me! I looked at him and he swiftly looked away. Crazy! 

I was very much certain that he indeed had something in his mind. I stood up and continued walking even faster. His pace did not seem to slow down either. I had two options at that time. The first one was to run as fast as i could to the train station. The goal was the train station where he could no longer do something, that i did not want to imagine, to me. The second option i had was to call the police. The former would be a good idea if i am good at running. The fact is i am terribly bad at that. I could give it a try but i am afraid that he is better than i am when it comes to running. So he might overrun me after few minutes. So the latter was  the only option i had left. 

I took out my iphone and started scrolling my contact list. I did not call the police, i called my senior instead and hurriedly explained the situation. Alas this call-the-police method was not successful to stop this persistent weirdo from following me. 

As i was 50m away from the train station, a car suddenly stopped quite close to me. The driver, who appeared to be a guy roller down the car window and asked me how to get to this place. That event somehow managed to stop his attempt last night. He probably gave up after seeing that. I felt relieved and was really thankful to the driver. He was my savior last night. 

Heroes must not necessarily possess a super power nor must they be extraordinary.


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