About Time

I think i haven't written my thoughts on this movie.
I rarely recommend movies,
but when i do,
they are all good movies.
One of them is About Time.
It is really worth watching.
It was beautifully done.
I was glad that i decided to watch this movie,
though the very next day i still had to sit for an exam.
It is about a man who has the ability to travel back in time.

I used to ask myself what would happen if i could travel back in time?
Sometimes i wish i had that ability,
so that i could fix the mess i have made.
so that i could avoid doing tons of mistakes.
and i think i am not the only person who wishes for that 'power'.
Everyone else does too.
and we all know that is definitely impossible, unfortunately.
we all know that will never happen,
Not until pigs fly.

Normally time-travel movies are really bad and crappy.
They are way too unrealistic.
A movie of sorts usually doesn't have any moral value.
Nor is it inspiring or educating.
But About Time is probably the only exception.
This is basically a movie full with important life lessons that one can learn.
Those lessons are however not directly implied and some are quite subtle.
and i think it's that subtlety that makes it beautiful.
 So if you haven't watched it yet, you probably should.

*** Spoiler ***
That parting scene is utterly sad...even for someone who doesn't have a father.


N-S said…
cerita baru ke?
baca ni teringat buku The Time Machine
macam teringin nak tengok full movie dah ada ke dkt youtube?
Farhan Rosdi said…
@ N-S : cerita tahun 2013 rasanya. di youtube tak pasti, tp mmg dh lama boleh tgok online.

@ ahjumma : hehe fav kawe jugok ni.
inspi(red) said…
Cito korea / jepun xdok dh ko hok best ?

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