Kakak's Birthday

We were not really close when we were young.
We quarrelled a lot,
and to some extent we hit each other.
As we grow older, we realise the importance of having each other.
Mum has been telling that since we were kids.
But we took almost everything for granted during that phase,
and we ignored everything.
Had we listened to mum's words at that time,
we could have improved our sibling relationship.

We however have a lot in common,
the fact that we cannot keep secret still holds true no matter how old we are.
If today i tell her about something,
Mum will know about that 5 minutes after i told her.
That's how fast things travel within our family.
My secret is never safe,
so is hers.

Kakak however kept my break-up a secret.
To which i am really thankful.
It could have been much worse if mum had known that a bit earlier.
She helped me a lot after that,
Cheered me up and did a lot of things so that i could finally be happy as i used to be.
But i could not help much, when she was at her lowest point last january.
I tried but i am just terribly bad at comforting others.
And for that,
i thank god for giving me such a good sister,
although i am not a good person, or specifically brother.

Happy Birthday kak!


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