Richard Feynman once said that he had been convinced,
that to be a good physicist,
it is very important to have a special relationship with your father.
Plus it was his father that taught him lots of things about life, science and so on.

As i finished reading his biography,
I then know the reason,
why I don't like physics and tend to love chemistry more.
Because I don't have that special relationship with my father.

If i had the chance to be close to my father,
I would be doing physics now.
HAHA just kidding.

Richard Feynman,when he was a kid,
always asked questions to challenge orthodox thinking.
Meanwhile people in my country nowadays,
still share and believe everything they find on social media,
without even trying to verify 'facts' that they share.
It somehow saddens me.

If you dream to have a kid like Richard Feynman,
you have to start preparing now,
you must be well-prepared in all aspects!
read as much as you can,
gain as much knowledge as possible before you become a father or a mother.
as you will be asked tons of difficult questions about everything.
Be it religion, life or something else.
The way you answer or respond to your kids' questions will have a great influence on how they develop their way of thinking.

No, I'm not against early marriage.
You are free to get married with anyone you like,
and get married anytime you want.
as your marriage doesn't affect me in any way at all.
I hope your kid will be a great person in the future.
Perhaps we will have our own 'Richard Feynman' soon. Who knows?


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