Plan B

I have been working like a pig to earn some money for months,
So that i can survive another semester which is going to start in october.
Alas things do not go smoothly as i planned.
I have to come up with another plan since my plan A will not work.
I finally have to borrow money from my mother, which i really really want to avoid that from happening.
Since my family in malaysia needs that more than i do,
I agreed to accept the offer from my mother after giving so much thoughts on that.
Life is indeed hard............. only when you do not have resource(money) and power.
Even making another plan is close to impossible when you are in this state.
But again, it is already too late to give up my master study.

Our government once aimed to increase the number of students with master's degree or PhD holders which is a good thing for the country's development.
Ironically it takes ages to get a financial support from them.
That is however not uncommon considering we are now talking about a country called Malaysia.


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