Recently many people posted on facebook, expressing their dissatisfaction with the beach's cleanliness.
To be honest this problem is neither new nor uncommon to those people who have been residing there for years.
I think those who has visited Bachok once will agree with me on this matter.
Ironically Bachok is also known as Bandar Pelancongan Islam.
Many of my friends are really proud of it as this makes Bachok totally different than other beach places in Malaysia.
A place where you have fun yet still within our religion's teaching, i guess.
That is the best i can describe with words.
I still cannot fathom the reason why they decided to use the word Islam in it.
Perhaps to make Bachok a bit unique, i do not know.
If that is the case, it is a total failure.
The place is terribly dirty, not well-kept and full of garbages.
Instead of showing how good is Islam's teaching on cleanliness, the current situation will just muddy the Islam's image and make it even worse.

Here comes the worst part. 
You cannot critize or talk about that at all.
If you do, people just assume you are one of those UMNO's macai, trying to spread hatred toward the current ruling party,Pas.
Would that cleanliness matter affect Pas in any way, if the party has been capable of defeating BN and ruling the states for ages?
If that matter could topple Pas, it would be easy for BN to gain the state back, dont you think? 
Yet they still fail.

Why cant we, the people of Bachok keep our place clean? 


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