Today marks the third year i do not celebrate Eid with my family.
This year is a bit different. 
I really wanted to go back home this summer break,
As kakak is also there for the first time after she started working.
Even if i could make it next year, kakak won't.
But there is nothing i could do. 

Had this mara officer read and went through my scholarship application, i would celebrate raya with my family this year.
Sometimes i can't help but to feel angry.
Had she done her work efficiently, i would not have to suffer.
I can accept to have a hard life if it comes or is caused by my own mistakes or actions,
as i am responsible for my own actions and i will without doubt clean my own mess up.
To be in this state because of someone else mistake is wholly unacceptable! 

If it happens later that your work deals with someone else future too, please work properly and avoid causing unnecessary problems for others.
You might be destroying the future of someone who could discover the cure for cancer, if his/her hope had not been crumpled up.

I wish everyone a happy Eid and have a blast with your beloved family and friends.


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