Today i realised one thing,
Something new about me that i did not know before.

I like................ curry, a lot.
I have tried avoiding curry for one week,
But i failed.
I felt weak and empty.
That kind of feeling you have when you suddenly lost someone you once loved.
The hunger was still there,
No matter how much rice i ate.
Felt like i was about to go crazy,
living in my own world,
Like a soulless body.
A quasi-zombie state i guess.
That's all true though it sounds illogical.

No longer after i decided to eat curry today where everything started to get normal, again.
Thank god.

That's my friends, the danger or risk you might face because of the attachment.
As clīche as it may sound, do not get too attached to food.
That kind of attachment is bad, too.


syaza raman said…
This is funny. But true. We all have that one food that a must eat everyday.

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