I rarely sell things online,
be it on eBay, amazon or any site of that sort.
Since I have to move out from this 'house' in March 2016,
I decided to sell several resaleable things that I no longer need.
Things like TV, inline Skates, books, writing desk, and dumbbells.
I never thought that I have dumbbells in my room.
Had I realized and used them, I could have burnt tons of fats.
or......probably not.
Since I eat a lot too.

Since my knowledge on resale value of those things is limited,
I decided to sell that 32-inch Samsung tv for 20€.
Right after 5 minutes putting that online,
I received 10 calls and 12 emails, asking me about that Tv.
My phone kept ringing and I kept receiving the email notification from Yahoo for about 10 minutes!
That was really insane and annoying at the same time.
I told myself, that  apparently selling things online is not that hard.

So I texted my senior, just to brag about how fast people want to buy my stuff.
He laughed,
Dazed by his reaction,
I assumed that was how he typically dealt with a braggart.
I later found out that the price is extremely cheap,
only people who are not really knowledgeable (obviously) sell stuff at such low price!
Then I immediately took that advertisement down,
hoping that my action has infuriated no one.


syaza raman said…
You have an inline skates ?!?!? That is so cool! Can I buy it from you ? If possible ?
Unknown said…
I do have. But how can I send them to you?? I'm afraid that shipping cost will be really expensive. kt Malaysia mahal ke?
syaza raman said…
Kat msia about rm 150 the cheapest and can be up to rm 300. mmg shipping cost sgt sgt costly ahaha. nvm then, i will just wait for your return to msia :D

Bestnya skate. Mesti dah power kan?
Unknown said…
Power gila kot! Haha taklah, i am really not good at it. Beli sbb nk belajar main, tp sbb 'sibuk' sngt, pernah guna dlm 5/6 kali shj.

Klu sanggup tunggu lg setahun, why not? Haha tp klu urgent nk guna/main, baik beli kt sana je. Menunggu tu satu penyiksaan...kot. Haha
syaza raman said…
You should really use it, pakai lah masa nak pegi kelas.

Ahaaa okay je tunggu. Setahun tak lama pun, boleh boleh. Tunggu skate tak seksa sangat kot rasanya hahaha.

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