This is the place where i decided sthg really big.
Others were still enjoying their last time in regensburg.
But i didnt really have a chance to do the same.

Münster or Nürnberg?
It was really hard making a decision.
I had to take it seriously.and i knew that really well at that time
Deciding sthg that can affect your future.
This steinerne Brücke was my witness.
Watching my face with full of worriness,
I spent a lot of times there,hoping beautiful scenery to help me out.
and to no suprise,it did help me,indirectly.

I think i made a right decision.
Albeit my life wasnt really joyful in these 3 years.
But you have to sacrifice somthing for somthing.

In my case i sacrified
my students life in order to reach this stage.
Sorry for this 'luahan perasaan' post.
I got this nostalgic feeling back after visiting regensburg.


Dear Yayien said…
Its okaylah, idil..bila buat luahan least u know what you feel deep down inside and bila luah rasa lega sket :) Btw, nice picture.. Bila habes study? Intern dah ke?

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